Detroit Lions key takeaways from a tough week 1 loss

Detroit Lions key takeaways from a tough week 1 loss

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By Sammy Bovitz September 14, 2020 0 Comment
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Detroit Lions football is back. But it may not better. Here are the key takeaways from the Lions difficult week 1 loss.

Note: your writer friend has lost some sanity.

Matthew Stafford managed in Kenny Golladay’s absence

Despite some uneasiness in Detroit, Matthew Stafford managed to pass the ball around without Kenny Golladay.

Quintez Cephus, as many expected, was the biggest benefactor. Out of his 10 targets, Cephus managed 43 yards. The biggest benefactors were Danny Amendola and TJ Hockenson, who both had solid days.

But it’s clear Golladay is what completes this offense, despite them being solid in his absence. Stafford passed the ball around adequately and was helped by the run game, but Golladay needs to come back as soon as possible. Not to mention this game is a good case for a Golladay extension.

What this bizarre rushing attack looks like

So it looks like Adrian Peterson might be the lead running back for the Lions, and it’s not particularly close. Peterson rushed for 93 yards on a whopping 14 carries. That doubled Kerryon Johnson’s load. Plus rookie D’Andre Swift was almost nowhere to be found, except for… well, you know.

This weird three-headed monster of a rushing attack is undoubtedly led by Adrian Peterson, and this is honestly not the worst thing considering some of the runs he ripped off. Despite being the ripe age of 35, the man they call “All Day” was a workhorse for the Lions. Definitely the Lions’ most pleasant surprise from Week 1.

This front 7 cannot stop the run

Embarrassing Trey Flowers ejection aside, the Lions’ biggest weakness was on full display Sunday. David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen, Cordarelle Patterson, and even Mitch Trubisky ran over the Lions defensive line for 150 combined rushing yards.

While the Bears were actually even better on the passing attack, the clearest weakness was the front 7 kept letting 2-yard rushes turn into 5-yard ones. That needs to stop.

The Lions will face Aaron Jones next week and Alvin Kamara in three weeks’ time. If this team is not careful, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees won’t even need to throw the ball.

The Lions still cannot close out games

The flawed defense combined with the Lions’ struggles in the 4th quarter combined for a painful finish to Sunday’s game. Sure, Matthew Stafford drove down the field in an inspired effort, but that doesn’t make up for his interception, the ensuing Bears touchdown and D’Andre Swift’s drop.

At the end of the 3rd, Detroit was up 23-6. So what happened? The front 7 continued to struggle against the run. The secondary made Mitch Trubisky look like Joe Montana. And the most frustrating part of the Lions of week 1 loss was watching the offense collapse.

If the Lions want to win football games, they need to be better than this. This was a game they should have won, and most knew this before they got that 17-point lead. If this team doesn’t want to disappoint again, they better pick up the slack.

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