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Defensive Player of the Game: Titans vs. Broncos

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By Anna Lewis September 16, 2020 0 Comment

The Tennessee Titans held the Denver Broncos to 2 touchdowns in their 16-14 victory at Mile High. There were some discipline issues, like Rashaan Evans throwing a punch and being ejected in the first quarter. But there were also some beautiful defensive stops that would make any defense fanatic salivate.

 So who deserves defensive player of the game?

The Contenders: Harold Landry, Jeffery Simmons, and Jadeveon Clowney

All three of these players were flying around the entire game and making key tackles. Even though Clowney has only been with the team for a week, he did what fans expected and filled right into Coach Vrabel’s scheme. Clowney looked good. He opened up opportunities for other players to get involved and make big stops, just like many people anticipated him to. He contributed 3 tackles, including a QB hit that made Drew Lock feel him for sure. But is that enough for defensive player of the game ?

Titans fans need to get excited about Harold Landry if they are not already. This guy is a stud. Landry got in the back field over and over again. Even though he left Mile High without a sack, he did contribute 4 tackles including 2 QB hits and a tackle for loss. Landry is a momentum shifter. When he makes a big play in the backfield, the entire defense shifts its mentality and tends to make a huge stop.

Finally, Big Jeff Simmons had a huge season opener, maybe not on paper, but every football fan that watched this game knew his name immediately. Simmons contributed 4 tackles to the Titans defense. He made massive momentum shifting plays in run stop and getting in the backfield. While he himself didn’t rack up a sack or TFL, Simmons made his presence known immediately and fans need to get pumped for this guy. Look at this run stuff. Not only did he make a great read and get in that gap, but he body slammed Gordon.

So Who Wins Defensive Player of the Game?

Because of his massive momentum impact, Jeffery Simmons wins Defensive Player of the Game this week. Fans should fully anticipate Big Jeff to continue to make his presence felt by QBs and RBs, and he’ll definitely be making big goal line stops.


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