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Darius Slay is Excited to be a Part of the Philadelphia Eagles Defense

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By Shannon Algarin August 28, 2020 0 Comment
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Darius Slay thinks that the Philadelphia Eagles defense is going to be amazing this season. Why does he think so?

Darius Slay is very excited in the ability that he sees in this year’s Philadelphia Eagles defense. Slay was quoted as saying, “It’s going to be amazing. Reminds me of my 2014 team in Detroit. Great D-line, great young linebackers that can run and stretch the field, got a great secondary.” This is very exciting news for the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

What did the 2014 Lions defense achieve?

It is no wonder that Darius Slay used an adjective like amazing to describe this Eagles defense if it is comparable to the 2014 Detroit Lions defense. That defense allowed the fewest rushing yards (69.3) per game in the league that year. The Lions 2014 defense was third in overall points allowed (282). They had 42 sacks, forced 27 fumbles, and had 20 picks. The team went 11-5 that year when they lost in the wild card round. The game was lost to the Dallas Cowboys after a pass interference call that became a bad non-call by officials.

One thing that sets the Eagles apart from the Lions is that they have been to the Super Bowl. And they won it all. They know what it takes to get there. The goal for the Eagles is to get back there with Darius Slay. Slay told reporters that there is a different feeling in the room and also said, “These boys have been to the Super Bowl and I haven’t so they know what it takes.”

Darius Slay is impressed with Avonte Maddox.

Darius Slay has been impressed with Avonte Maddox in training camp. He has called Maddox aggressive and quick. Slay has been working with Maddox on and off the field to help him develop his game. The goal for Slay is for the younger players to learn and go off to be better players than he is.

The defensive players in the locker room have been equally impressed with Slay. Rodney McLeod told NBC Sports, “He is everything that I think we envisioned him to be. He works hard. He’s probably one of the last guys off the field. He is going to make us a better secondary because of it.”

If Darius Slay is right about the ability of this Eagles defense, then this year’s defense will be dangerous for the rest of the league. Just imagine what it would be like if the Eagles offense is running on all cylinders, like back in 2017. This team would be unstoppable. It’s an incredibly exciting thought and as long as everyone stays healthy this could be a very fun season for the Philadelphia Eagles.



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