Daniel Jones: Under the New York Lights

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By Luke Krumich February 15, 2021 2 Comment
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Daniel Jones is Under the New York Lights

The quarterback (QB) position has always heralded as the most important position in football; when a team wins, the QB gets the love… the opposite goes for losses. Quarterbacks take the brunt of the blame. With the New York media, Quarterback Daniel Jones has taken a lot of heat for his 8 -18 record over the past two seasons with the Giants, but has he been all that bad?

Injuries to the Skill Positions Reflect Less Talent On-Field

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To understand the season that Daniel Jones just had, a variable that should be discussed is the weapons he had to work with. This season, Jones had Saquon Barkley as his running back for only two games due to a torn ACL. Sterling Shepard missed time due to turf toe and a concussion that kept him out multiple weeks. Golden Tate was out for stretches as well with a calf injury.

These injuries left Jones with only two of his five starters at skill positions on offense for much of the season. Only Evan Engram (Tight End) and Darius Slayton (WR) provided any sort of availability.

Reflecting on Fumbles, Drops, and Sacks

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In Daniel Jones 2019 rookie season, with play-caller Pat Shurmur, he posted 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. These stats looked amazing for a rookie quarterback and New York fans were relatively happy; though, he fumbled a league-leading 18 times. Pro Football Focus (PFF) gave Jones a grade of 65.9 for his rookie year, which is about average; though those numbers are skewed a bit. Jones had one drive against Dallas in Week 1 of 2019 that gave him a 27.0 rating even though Eli Manning played most of the game.

This 2020 season was better in terms of turnovers, though Jones’ Butterfinger problems seemed contagious and were transferred to his receivers. The 2019 Senior Bowl MVP had seven fewer fumbles, but his weapons became the unit with the second most drops in the league. Only the Eagles’ revolving door of receivers had more!

The offensive line was not much better, letting Jones become the second-most sacked quarterback in the NFL. The Giants spent three picks in the 2020 NFL Draft to try and fix that, but obviously, that unit is not developed enough. Hopefully, a full year’s worth of development will keep the Giants quarterback upright in 2021, but there’s a ton of work to do.

Jason Garrett is the Ghost of NFC East Past

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A case could be made that Jones’ lack of production was caused by an old foe, Jason Garrett. The Giants’ new play-caller let Jones get out and run; however, he was not a fan of the deep ball. After having four 300+ yard games his rookie year, Jones had zero this season.

With Garrett calling plays for the New York offense, Jones had only one game over a 100.0 passer rating. The overall grade Jones got from PFF did increase from 65.9 to 78.4 for the 2020 season, but Jones still has much room for improvement. It just didn’t seem like Garrett did much to develop or call plays that were beneficial to Daniel Jones.

Jones is Here to Stay, for Now

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Head coach, Joe Judge, showed faith in Jones late into the season, which should be encouraging to fans. If it wasn’t for the Eagles throwing their final game, the Giants would have made the playoffs with Jones. He improved in his problem areas this past year and became a clear leader in Judge’s new system.
Personally, the only way to move on from our young gun after two seasons would be an enormous trade for Deshaun Watson. Watson has been trying to crawl out of Houston by any means necessary. Barring a trade, Jones deserves another year to continue to develop into the franchise quarterback he was drafted to be.
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February 18, 2021

Good points regarding the offensive line.


Terry T

February 17, 2021

Watson is the only upgrade avalible, 100% agree with you.

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