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Dallas is the Biggest Dumpster Fire of the NFL Season

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By Anthony Esbensen October 21, 2020 0 Comment
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On October 6th an article was published titled “Five Biggest Dumpster Fires of the NFL Season“. Well, that article was wrong and in fact, it was very wrong.

The five teams that were mentioned in the article were the Texans, Falcons, Lions, Giants, and Jets. Do you see the problem with this list? Where are the Dallas Cowboys?  Well thanks for asking, they are going there.

The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest dumpster fire in the entire NFL and it is not even close.

The Coaching

On January 7th, 2020 the Cowboys go get their guy in Mike McCarthy and so far it doesn’t look great. The team looks slow and unprepared to start out games on both sides of the ball. However, they had Dak to start the year keeping them in close games. Dak Prescott was the glue that was holding this team together, now the team is just scattered pieces.

Mike Nolan their defensive coordinator is really cooking up something on defense. Well in fact the worse defense in the NFL, giving up over 36 points a game. This is in a way on McCarthy, he put Mike Nolan in charge of the defense and it’s not working out.

Kellen Moore is running the ball way too much on first down. Even with Andy Dalton as the quarterback, you have CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, and Amari Cooper. Throw the ball more on early downs, this is the main reason why Moore has been a disappointing play-caller this season.

Overall, coaching needs to be better. The game plans need to be better because without Dak carrying them they won’t win the division.

Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff should be coaching for their jobs right now, even without Dak for the year.

The Players

We can talk all day about the bad coaching this year. However, there are some things that are on the players. Let me start with Ezekiel Elliot, he has fumbled 5 times this season. That is unacceptable for him. The Cowboys gave Elliot a 6 year 90 million extension, you cannot be fumbling like this.

Not to mention the drops from the Cowboys, 13 of them to be exact. That is too much for this team, you cannot be dropping that many passes as a team this early in the year.

In conclusion, this team is a complete dumpster fire, the biggest dumpster fire in the NFL. When you have the team they have, you should not have only 2 wins. This division should be a cake-walk for them but so far it doesn’t look good.

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