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By Andrew Heck August 14, 2020 0 Comment
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Dallas Hobbs will continue to advocate for college football to resume this season, but he is fighting for much more than that.

Dallas Hobbs is a defensive end for Washington State, but right now he is much more than that. As he’s a leader on his team, he was sought after to be a voice for Washington State. He’s also getting the #WeWantToPlay movement going with guys like Trevor Lawrence, who want to resume their college career on the football field.

With the BIG-10 already cancelling activities, and the PAC-12 is likely following right behind them. Things certainly aren’t looking to be in Hobbs favor. However, he is still hopeful that play may be able to resume this fall. If not, he hopes to be able to play in the spring at 100 percent with no restrictions. College football being played at some point is the main goal.

Part of the team no more?

There was one point where Hobbs was Concerned that he wasn’t part of the team anymore. He feared consequences of being the voice for a movement some don’t agree with. However it was just miscommunication and misinformation. They gave their coach a list of their demands before information officially came out. He wanted to pump the breaks to some extent, not wanting things to get leaked and get out of control. He feared it would effect the team. Now people are realizing this movement is something they can support, and is beneficial to a lot of peoples futures.

It’s about more than just playing football

While playing football this season is a concern for Hobbs and many other players, that is not all he is trying to accomplish. Other concerns were brought up, and they may not have sat well with all of the coaches and administrators at universities. One of the groups main points were to end lavish expenditures. Things like state of the art facilities, gold plating, touch screens, and all of the unnecessary bells and whistles. Hobbs point, you’re not getting those things in an NFL locker room.

In the National Football League the locker room is used to hold your stuff and a place to relax from time to time. Not a place where you need luxurious amenities. In High school as a player, you are seeing all of these things while being recruited, and its all breath taking. Later down the road you realize that money could be used not as a recruiting tool, but as a tool for players and their futures.

Skills for the future

Instead of spending millions on locker rooms, Hobbs suggest taking some of that money as part of a revenue share for the players. He states some might say that is a lot of money to give, but at the end of the day it’s also teaching them financial lessons before moving on to their true careers. A lot of students graduate, and don’t know how to use their financial skills. How to use credit cards, paying on loans, important life skills. If a lot of students get educated on these things, it will be easier on them in the future. Building a future is what college is about.

Dallas Hobbs is Speaking for the people that can’t speak

Dallas Hobbs is trying too change the future for student athletes, and give them more control. Whether it be financial stability for the future, or fighting for them in the present and making sure student athletes see a football season, Hobbs is showing athletes that their voice matters, and he wants to make things better for his children, and others in the future. While it started with COVID-19, it has now become about a lot more. Hobbs is fighting for future athletes. While they may not know it right now, his name is one they won’t soon forget.

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