Dallas Goedert Wants Zach Ertz to Receive a New Contract

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By Shannon Algarin August 25, 2020 1 Comment
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Dallas Goedert is rooting for Zach Ertz to receive a new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Will Ertz get the contract he deserves?

Dallas Goedert met with the media on Monday August 24, 2020. He had lots of praise for the Philadelphia Eagles three time pro-bowl tight end and Goedert hopes to see Zach Ertz get the contract extension he deserves.

Dallas Goedert on Zach Ertz.

Goedert feels like Ertz is a top 3 tight end in the NFL and deserves a new contract that reflects that. The tight end, who is entering his third year in the National Football League, said that he thinks Ertz makes him a better player. Dallas Goedert on Monday said, ” Zach elevates the whole room,” and that Ertz is always working hard to get better at the game.


Dallas Goedert on 12 Personnel plays.

Goedert mentioned jokingly that he wished the coaches used 12 personnel in every play. He did hint to the media that he thinks there will be more of those plays called this season. As mentioned in the story Five Reasons the Philadelphia Eagles Should Extend Zach Ertz, opposing defenses in the league know that they will have trouble covering the Eagles offense when Goedert and Ertz are on the field together. Both players are capable of making plays happen for the team when they need it most.

Rumor has it that the Eagles have resumed contract negotiations with Zach Ertz.

In November 2019 the Philadelphia Eagles and Zach Ertz couldn’t come to an agreement on a new contract. That’s where the talks ended until recently. According to the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, those talks have recently resumed. The Eagles cannot afford to lose their best receiver and must find a way to make this contact happen.

Ertz deserves to retire in Philadelphia as he wishes. He has put his body on the line for this football team like when he played against the Dallas Cowboys with broken ribs and a lacerated kidney. Zach Ertz will likely take over the Eagles franchise record this season for most completed receptions. Ertz is targeted the most by quarterback Carson Wentz because he is reliable. He is a consistent playmaker for the team. Dallas Goedert seems to see the error the Birds would be making if they moved on from Ertz. Hopefully the Eagles are not willing to let such a great talent leave the locker room.

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Beth Webb

August 26, 2020

Hi Shannon. I've never heard of the 12 Personnel Plays. I agree that Goedert is improving. If Ertz is helping with that, then that's just one more reason to sign him to a new contract and sign him now. Nice report. I enjoy your pieces.

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