Checking in on which Dallas Cowboys have Opted Out so far

Dallas Cowboys Opt Outs So Far

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By JackMCorrigan August 3, 2020 0 Comment

COVID-19’s affect on Dallas Cowboys

This upcoming NFL season, if it actually ends up happening, is sure to be one of the strangest seasons ever. Players have been given the option to opt out of this season if they feel they need to. As of the time of this writing, a total of 43 NFL players have opted out so far. The New England Patriots have been hit hardest with 8 of their players opting out, including LB Dont’a Hightower and OT Marcus Cannon. As for the Dallas Cowboys, only 3 have opted out. DeMarcus Lawrence was contemplating opting out but has since decided that he will play this season. So here are the Cowboys who have chosen not to play and how it affects the team.

FB Jamize Olawale

In terms of impact, this one hurts the most. Now that’s not to say this is a huge loss, like if DeMarcus Lawrence was going to opt out. However, Olawale has played in the Cowboys last 32 games. He is also considered to be a decent receiving FB and, according to Pro Football Focus’s newest stat, ranked 5th out of all FBs last year with 5 fullback assists from 5 yd out. So with Olawale out of the picture for this season, the Cowboys have a few directions they could go. The first and most likely option is UDFA Seno Olonilua, a RB out of TCU who Dallas switched to FB after signing him. Another option is to turn the free agent/trade market. And lastly, they could just not carry a FB this year like plenty of teams do normally.

CB Maurice Canady

Canady was just signed this off-season and looked set to play a decent amount of snaps before Dallas added Trevon Diggs, Reggie Robinson, and Daryl Worley to the corner room. He still would’ve been a nice depth piece for the team had he decided to play this season. However, Canady’s opting out certainly helps a few other roster hopefuls. C.J. Goodwin now has a much greater chance of making the roster once again. Intriguing youngsters like Deonte Burton and Chris Westry now also have a better shot as well.

WR Stephen Guidry

Guidry is a wide receiver that the Dallas Cowboys signed out of this year’s undrafted free agent class. While he is an interesting prospect, his opting out isn’t that troubling, as he was a long shot to make the roster, although he could’ve made the practice squad. Dallas also have a couple other interesting UDFA WRs in Aaron Parker and Kendrick Rogers.

Ultimately, this NFL season may be defined by those players who choose not to play, rather than those on the field. COVID-19 has sent to whole world into a tailspin. The NFL has been no different. Many other players could choose to opt-out before the fast approaching deadline. Keep it locked, as always, to the Brawl Network for all your sports news.

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