Dallas Cowboys Offensive Position Review Wide Receiver

Dallas Cowboys Offensive Positional Review Part 3: Wide Receivers

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Cowboys receiver trio ready to dominate 2020

In one of the most talked-about picks this draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected wide receiver CeeDee Lamb with the 17th overall pick. Lamb joins 1,000-yard receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup in the Cowboys’ receiving corps. With Dak returning, what can be expected from the Cowboys’ new trio?

Last year, Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup were both great receivers. With Cooper’s route running and Gallup’s ability to stretch the field, defenses had trouble covering them both. This created opportunities for other receivers like Randall Cobb, who had over 800 yards. Cobb signed with the Houston Texans in free agency, leaving a large share of snaps and targets open for the taking in the receiving corps.

Amari Cooper

Ever since the Cowboys traded for Cooper, he has been the go-to guy for Dak Prescott. In his first full year with the Cowboys, Cooper posted the highest receiving total of his career with 1,189 yards. He also had eight touchdowns, another career-high.

Though he had the best numbers of his career, Cooper struggled with a knee injury. He also often struggles in away games. His stats tell the story of this struggle. In 2019, Cooper had 108.6 yards per game and 16.7 yards per reception at home. When away, he had 40 yards per game and 11.9 yards per reception. Such a significant difference in performance cannot be explained away.

Though he struggles in away games, the development of Gallup and the addition of Lamb will help to take the defense’s focus off of Cooper, allowing him more room to operate. Cooper will be healthy for the 2020 season and will hopefully stay healthy through the season.

He will have to improve his play in away games to cement himself as one of the best wide receivers in the league as a key factor in a player’s worth is consistency. Leading one of the best wide receiver trios in the league, expect Cooper to post another 1,000 yard season in 2020.

Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup was the Cowboys’ 3rd round pick two years ago. In his rookie year, he played well and flashed potential. Last year, he snagged 66 catches for 1,107 yards. Gallup is perhaps the most overlooked 1,000-yard wide receiver in the league right now. Though he needs to improve his hands as he had some drops this past season, Gallup has become an excellent deep threat.

He is also a great red zone receiver, even though he only stands at 6’1″. He makes a great target for his quarterback on fade routes near the goal line. Gallup has proven to be a solid receiver and will make another step forward this year in his skills.

Gallup’s stats will, in all likelihood, take a dip because of the addition of CeeDee Lamb who will surely see his fair share of targets.

CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb was a top-2 wide receiver in the 2020 NFL draft. He fell to the Cowboys at 17th overall. The Cowboys drafted Lamb and bolstered what had been one of their strengths in the 2019 season. Though he is not a fast wide receiver, Lamb’s route running and ability after the catch more than makeup for it. Any football fan who watched last year’s Red River Rivalry game knows just how dangerous Lamb can be.

In Dallas, Lamb will play the slot, where his athleticism and ability to make people miss will be utilized. He has speed enough to beat linebackers and enough talent to make players at the second level miss a tackle or two.

CeeDee Lamb paired with Dak Prescott will be a problem for years to come. He looks destined to be the Cowboys’ next great receiver wearing number 88.

Devin Smith

Devin Smith has a trait that is somewhat lacking within the top three Cowboys receivers. He has great speed. Smith ran a 4.38-second 40-yard dash at the combine. He showcased it during week 2 of last season when he burned Josh Norman on a deep post route.

Though Amari Cooper ran a 4.42-second 40 at his combine, he isn’t often asked to use his straight-line speed, as his best work is done when running a more complicated route-tree. Smith can be put in the game opposite Cooper and stretch the defense, while Cooper goes to work on a defensive back underneath to get open. Smith can keep a defense honest. He keeps safeties from jumping underneath routes.

Noah Brown

Noah Brown has been mostly used as a blocking wide receiver in his days with the Cowboys. Unfortunately, he’s sustained two significant injuries in the past two seasons.

Brown was on the injured reserve for a portion of the 2018 season and spent his 2019 season in the same place with a different injury. Brown will make the roster, assuming he avoids injury, to be a blocking wide receiver.

Cedrick Wilson

Cedrick Wilson was with the Cowboys during the 2019 season before being cut and added to the practice squad later in the season. Just over a month after being signed to the practice squad, Wilson landed on the injured reserve.

Wilson will again vie for a roster spot this preseason (assuming there is one). He will have a good chance at securing one with the departure of Tavon Austin and Randall Cobb.

Jon’Vea Johnson

Jon’Vea Johnson was a stand out during training camp last year and would have made the roster, but he struggled with drops during the preseason. That, paired with a shoulder injury, kept him from the active roster. The shoulder injury allowed the Cowboys to place him on the injured reserve to keep him around for this season.

He is similar to Devin Smith in that he is also a speedy wide receiver, which the Cowboys need on their roster. I expect him to make the roster this year, though he will not get many meaningful snaps if he does.


Ventell Bryant and Tevin Jones are 2 and 1-year veterans respectively. They will compete for some spots on the bottom of the roster, but don’t expect either to earn a spot with a shortened or even nonexistent preseason.

Receivers Stephen Guidry, Aaron Parker and Kendrick Rogers were all undrafted free agents. Of the three, Rogers has the best shot at making the roster with his big-play ability that he showed at Texas A&M.

The Cowboys new wide receiver trio has the potential to be the league’s best this year, and though there is some drop off in talent after those 3, there are some young players who will be looking to capitalize on what opportunities they get.

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