Dak Prescott signs franchise tag

Dak Prescott has signed his franchise tag, so what’s next?

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By JackMCorrigan June 26, 2020 0 Comment

So, Dak Prescott has officially signed his franchise tag. This puts an end to the debate of whether or not he will show up at training camp. To be fair, the debate didn’t make much sense considering the player being talked about. However, now that Prescott has signed the tag, the dynamic of the contract situation has changed. So what’s next?

What it means for the Cowboys

For the Dallas Cowboys, the last thing the team wants is for this to turn into another Kirk Cousins situation. The increasing price of continually franchising their QB1 would shackle them financially, which would not be good with contracts of players like Michael Gallup expiring in the next couple years. Dak’s tag costs $31.4 million this season and will cost $37.7 next season if applied to him again. Those numbers prohibit the Cowboys from making any other big extensions or signings. For example, that situation could prevent the Cowboys from trading for Jamal Adams since they would not have the cap flexibility to sign him to the extension he wants.

The best way the Cowboys could’ve handled this would’ve been to extend Prescott before his career year last season, but hindsight is 20/20. Now, it’s best for the Cowboys to work out a long-term deal with Prescott before the franchise tag becomes irrevocable on July 15th. This would be best for them for two main reasons. One, a long term deal makes Prescott’s cap hit more flexible, allowing for big extensions or trades. Two, it secures their QB1 at a lower price than they will probably ever get again. With QBs like Mahomes and Watson getting their extensions soon, the market value for Prescott could shoot out of Dallas’s price range if they wait too long. If that happens, the Cowboys will be searching a new franchise QB. And this time, they might not lucky enough to grab one in the 4th round.

What it means for Dak

For Dak Prescott signing the franchise tag is honestly a smart move. It means he now has basically all the leverage in this situation. He played well above the less than $5 million he earned on his rookie contract and now he wants what he’s due. Prescott bet on himself last season and won by posting career numbers in passing yards (4,902) and TDs (30). He’s now betting on himself again this season, and it’s a pretty good bet. It’s his second year in Kellen Moore’s offense. He now has Mike McCarthy as his HC, who’s known as a QB whisperer. He also has a supporting cast that consists of one of the top O-lines in the league, Amari Cooper, Micheal Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard, and Blake Jarwin.

All Prescott has to do now is to continue playing well. If he does that, one of two things is going to happen. The first thing that could happen is that the Cowboys cave and give him the deal he wants. The second is that another team pays him what he’s asking for after he has played through the tags. However, there is a good reason for to Prescott to sign sooner rather than later: security. Say he decides to play through the tags, he could get injured or have a bad year. This would lead to his market value dropping drastically without the security of a long-term contract. Suddenly, signing whatever contract the Cowboys previously offered seems like a good idea.


Now, the Cowboys have a greater chance of being hurt if they don’t agree to a long term deal with Prescott before July 15th. But on the other hand, Prescott stands to lose more if something were to happen, even if it’s not as likely. Thus, agreeing to a long term deal before the deadline would be best for both parties involved.

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