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Coby White finally starts: What took Jim Boylen So Long?

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What is wrong with the Chicago Bulls?

The Bulls have a good combination of young talent and experienced veterans however they are currently hindered by head coach Jim Boylen. Zach Lavine is having a career year. This roster has 7 former lottery picks who’s all shown glimpses of their potential. So what’s wrong with this team? Why is Coby White getting his first start with only 18 games left in the season? Jim Boylen continues to leave fans, analysts, players, and more completely baffled by his coaching decisions.

Coby White

One of the biggest holes for this team going into the season was the point guard position. The Chicago Bulls selected Coby White with the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft. Fans expected him to soon become a starter and fill the void that they’ve been missing. Within the first week of the season, he showed how dynamic of a scorer he is.

Coby can create his own shot, score from anywhere on the court, and averages 13pts a game as a bench player. With injuries at point guard and his ability to compete at a high level, why hasn’t he started sooner?

Jim Boylen

The reason is Jim Boylen. Boylen is the Bulls head coach and isn’t doing so great. Coby White was drafted to play point guard, a position that the Bulls needed, yet he spent the entire season playing off the ball. Boylen has made some of the most questionable decisions as a head coach. With Zach Lavine having a career year, both he and White could have been one of the more exciting back court combos this year. The frustration on Lavine’s face says it all.

Bad coaching decisions, horrendous game management, and minimal player development are some of the biggest factors as to why this team is under performing. Lauri Markkanen had looked like a potential star under Fred Hoiberg last season but has now seem to have gotten his powers stolen in a Space Jam movie from Monstar Jim Boylen

Wendell Carter and Otto Porter’s health also played a factor, but this team should be better than what they are. With a young and talented team on the rise, the Bulls cannot afford to have bad coaching. Fans would hope that a coaching change would be happening soon with the GM change, but it seems even then the front office still wants to keep Jim Boylen.


How does Jim Boylen still have a job?

So what is it with this guy? Jim Boylen might be the worst coach in Chicago sports history and somehow the front office still wants to keep him as the head coach of the team. It seems to not matter how many blow out timeouts he calls at the end of the game, or terrible lineup decisions he creates. The only people on this planet who want Jim Boylen to continue coaching is the front office of the Bulls. The only people that have the power to change the head coaching position.

The nightmare in Chicago will continue throughout the next couple years if they keep Jim Boylen on the team. Free agents will not come to Chicago, good GMs will not want to be associated with the Bulls. Something needs to change before these incredibly talented players decide to leave the team. Hopefully starting tonight, Bulls fans will catch a glimpse into the future of this team.
With White making his first start against the Cavs, fans should expect him to develop even more and hope that this is the first of many changes to come.


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