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Does Chris Jones’ tweet have anything to do with the franchise tag?

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The Kansas City Chiefs announced they plan to franchise tag, Chris Jones. Does that have anything to do with Jones’ tweet? What could it mean?

After the Kansas City Chiefs title run, it wasn’t long before business had to be done. One order of business is star defensive tackle Chris Jones is up for a contract extension. Jones and Kansas City had talked before the season about a possible extension, but nothing finalized. After a short hold out prior to training camp, the star defensive tackle reported on time. Jones finished the season with 36 tackles, nine sacks, and one forced fumble. Jones missed three games due to injury but still led the defense in sacks.

The Effect On Tagging Chris Jones

Kansas City and Jones both wanted a long term extension. Kansas City had a lack of cap space, so giving Jones the payday he deserved and wanted was going to be tough. After the season Jones and the Chiefs talked for weeks about an extension that they both could agree on, but Kansas City didn’t want Jones to hit free agency, so they had no choice but to franchise tag Jones and continue their extension talks. During an appearance on a Fox Sports show, Jones stated that he had mix emotions about being tagged. He wants his money, but he understood that money was tight and that it was just business.

Chris Jones tweeted, “hope that they know that I love em but, all good things must come to an end,” which is song lyrics by rapper Kevin Gates. This tweet worries Kansas City because Jones’s tweet could mean that he may be moving on from Kansas City, Jones didn’t get the payday he wanted. Kansas City doesn’t have the money right now to pay Jones the money he wants, and the Chiefs are about to give Patrick Mahomes a record-setting deal possibly. Which means Kansas City might be forced to trade him.

What’s Next For Jones And The Chiefs?

Kansas City knows how vital Chris Jones is to the defense. Unfortunately, a tag and trade situation is still on the table. The NFL is a business and teams only have so much money to go around. If both sides can’t agree on a deal, Kansas City may trade Jones before the season. In the end, not everything is about football. Jones’s tweet could mean nothing, and he could only just be stating some song lyrics.

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