Chiefs 53 Man Roster Prediction Part 1: Quarterback, Runningback, Receiver

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General manager Brett Veach held onto a majority of the Super Bowl-winning talent. Did the Chiefs get better or stay the same?

The Kansas City Chiefs brought back 20 out of 22 starters during the 2020 NFL off-season, arguably creating the best off-season a Super Bowl-winning team has ever had. Looking ahead to 2020, the Chiefs are going to be just as good, if not better. The Chiefs 2020 draft class, re-signings, and new additions to the team create a very deep NFL roster. Brett Veach and his staff have so much talent to work with.

The offensive core is set, it proved itself with a Super Bowl win. The Chiefs seem to add more and more talent each year, and basically, that should terrify the rest of the NFL. Sure, there are a few questions about how the Chiefs will go about filling out the roster. Questions linger with every other NFL team as the front offices work to create their best roster possible.

How many quarterbacks will the Chiefs hold? Did COVID-19 change any plans to these positions? Who is the last wide receiver on the depth chart? Well, let’s dive in and try to piece together another dominant offense.

Quarterback (2): Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne

Chad Henne is the projected starter right now for the Kansas City Chiefs with Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes to follow. Yes, this is a joke – and probably a terrible one at that. There is zero question Mahomes leads the way, with the only question being who takes the second-string spot.

There seems to be traction with Henne being the back-up while keeping Matt Moore on hold, just in case. Without trying to look into it too far, it’s worth noting the front office re-signed Henne before re-signing Moore this offseason. Henne seems to mentor Mahomes and provides needed veteran leadership in the quarterback room.

Moore’s number was called last season when Mahomes and Henne were out with injuries and filled the role exceptionally. Is that enough for the front office to decide and make him the second-stringer? Maybe so, but in this prediction, the Chiefs place Henne at quarterback two, with Moore on the practice squad as a veteran, which is now allowed with the new practice squad rules this upcoming season.

Running Back (3): Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Darrel Williams, DeAndre Washington

There were looming questions about who would start before Damien Williams opted out of the 2020 season. First-round draft choice Clyde Edwards-Helaire seems to be the clear-cut starter now.  Following Edwards-Helaire is former LSU Tigers teammate Darrel Williams, and Mahomes former college teammate, DeAndre Washington.

Edwards-Helaire brings new dynamics to the offense. His pass-catching ability, shifty footwork, and contact balance prove his first-round talent worth. Third-year running back Darrel Williams also brings the pass-catching ability as well as pass protection and experience. Williams should be valued highly this year. His pass protection is best among the running backs on the Chiefs roster.

Washington has previous chemistry with Mahomes with the Red Raiders, giving him an edge to make the final roster. His NFL experience also helps his chances. Playing with division rival the Las Vegas Raiders, Washington knows the Chiefs very well seeing them twice a year. He is no stranger, making it reasonable to add him to the active roster.


What about Darwin? 2019 sixth-round draft selection Darwin Thompson has promise, the potential is there no question. Thompson, being a late-round pick shows the Chiefs like his tools. But, are those tools NFL ready? Nothing about his rookie season screamed yes. However, this does not mean his Chiefs career is over. If he gets cut, he will be one of the first to be added to the Chiefs practice squad.

The Chiefs carried four running backs in previous seasons, but they might go a different direction and allow the roster to gain an extra body elsewhere to justify depth. There is no direct indication that Thompson does not deserve a roster spot, but it seems like three is the number this year for running backs.

Fullback (1): Anthony Sherman

The Chiefs prioritize the fullback position, proving so by re-signing Anthony Sherman for another season. His role seems to dwindle more and more each season. But, his special team role is valued by the Chiefs. Sherman’s time might be almost over in Kansas City. But, he is back for another NFL season.

Wide Receivers (6): Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, Demarcus Robinson, Byron Pringle, Gehrig Dieter

The wide receiver corps run deep yet again. There is no question that Mahomes has plenty of weapons to sling the ball to. Hill, Watkins, Hardman, and Robinson creates the deepest wide receiver corps amongst the rest of the NFL. Former Kansas State Wildcat Byron Pringle has also shown why he deserves a roster spot. His special team ability and development as an NFL wide receiver is promising and worth holding onto.

Our prediction carries six wide receivers. The five above are set. If the Chiefs added another receiver, many names come into question. Special teamer and best friend of Mahomes in Gehrig Dieter probably has the edge with his experience in the league. Marcus Kemp also carries NFL experience in his back pocket, making him another deserving name.

Players such as Jody Fortson and Kalija Lipscomb lack NFL experience but ooze with talent and potential. Do these guys make a final push? While it seems unlikely at this point, keeping these names in mind for the future deserves a thought. Fortson’s height and natural hands might carry him onto the active roster at some point this season, but not right away.


The Kansas City Chiefs are set once again. There is so much talent on this roster. If Veach does not make any more signings or trades within these three positions, expect the offense to look something like this. These predictions are almost the same as many others.

Mahomes has a new rookie running back to work with, familiar faces at wide receiver and another offseason to get even better. It truly is amazing to be a Chiefs fan right now. Chiefs fans are spoiled now, and nothing will change anytime soon.

General manager Brett Veach held onto a majority of the Super Bowl-winning talent. Did the Chiefs get better or stay the same? Opinions could differ, but one thing is for sure – the Chiefs are more than set to bring another Super Bowl win to the organization. There are many fun times ahead for the Chiefs, and quite frankly, this is only the beginning.

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