Chiefs Roster Prediction Part 2

Chiefs 53 Man Roster Prediction Part 2: TEs & OL

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By Garrett Williams September 1, 2020 0 Comment
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Chiefs 53-man roster prediction: Part 2

With the Chiefs season almost here, roster cuts are just around the corner. While unfortunate for many guys in the league, a select 53 end up making the roster each year. The Chiefs are returning 20 out of 22 starters from last year, so there aren’t that many new faces. Still, roster cuts are an exciting time for fans to finally find out who will be playing for the team. Here are my predictions for the Chiefs 53 man roster at the tight end and offensive line positions.

Tight Ends (3): Travis Kelce, Ricky Seals-Jones, Nick Keizer

Travis Kelce is the best tight end in football, so obviously he makes it.

Ricky Seals-Jones, who recently returned to camp after missing time with injury, should seal up the TE2 role. His receiving abilities far exceed the rest of the options at tight end, likely locking his spot

Nick Keizer edges out Deon Yelder for the TE3 spot. Keizer has had glowing reviews throughout training camp and has gotten a lot of work with the 2’s. He’s an all-around tight end who, after spending a year on the practice squad, is ready to make this roster.

Offensive Line (9): Eric Fisher, Andrew Wylie, Austin Reiter, Kelechi Osemele, Mitchell Schwartz, Mike Remmers, Nick Allegretti, Daniel Kilgore, Darryl Williams, Martinas Rankin*

Few easy ones here. Mitchell Schwartz is the best right tackle in football. While former number one pick Eric Fisher has the left tackle job secured for at least another year. Austin Reiter will return to starting center. Andrew Wylie and newly signed Kelechi Osemele presumably start the year at the guard positions.

Mike Remmers was a veteran free agent signing who the Chiefs have put with the 2’s and even the 1’s in training camp. His versatility and experience will make him a potential fill in all across the line.

Nick Allegretti also got good work with the 1’s and 2’s this camp, and the former 7th round pick looks ready to go for his second season. Daniel Kilgore was a fairly recent veteran free agent signing who, like Remmers, will likely stick as an experienced backup on the squad.

The last guy* making the roster at OL is rookie UDFA Darryl Williams. Williams can play at center or guard, and was rated the best undrafted interior offensive lineman in the class this year. The Chiefs gave him a pretty big signing bonus, so it is likely Williams might sneak his way onto the 53 man.

Martinas Rankin is listed with an asterisk, because he will most likely start out the season on the PUP list. If he’s ready to go, he most likely wouldn’t be activated until after Week 6. His 4 starts last year were impressive enough for him to stick on the roster (and subsequently nudging Williams to the practice squad). He’ll also likely even earn a chance at starting again depending on the OL play.

Well there you have it, my predictions at tight end and offensive lineman for the Chiefs 53 man roster. I am by no means an expert talent evaluator, these are just who I believe have the best odds of making the squad this year. If you agreed, disagreed, or just enjoyed this article, follow on Twitter @Garrett720 and @ChiefsBrawl to follow along with all of the amazing content we are putting out. Cheers!

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