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Chicago Bears: Discussions surrounding Derek Carr are heating up again

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By Donnie Zelaya March 15, 2020 0 Comment
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The Las Vegas Raiders are taking and making calls about current quarterback Derek Carr. Are the Chicago Bears realistic players for his services?

Tis the time of the season for rumors, rumblings, and handshake deals among teams, general managers, and agents alike. After the 2019 season, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy addressed the media and made the declaration that Mitchell Trubisky would be the starting quarterback going into 2020. At the combine, again, they publicly declared their support for Trubisky. Matt Nagy brought in a new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. Such a move intended to provide Trubisky with proven teachers of his offense to help him rebound from the inconsistencies he displayed in 2019. Or was it part of a bigger plan?

What is the Las Vegas Raiders plan for a quarterback in 2020?

Are the Raiders merely doing their due diligence or talk about to reach a more heightened level? Multiple reports have the Raiders as serious players in the upcoming Tom Brady sweepstakes. Officially moving on from Derek Carr would be a sign of them putting all their chips on the table to convince Brady to open the Las Vegas era in the biggest way possible. Even the casual football fan has heard the talks of Jon Gruden and his love of veteran quarterbacks. In his first go-around with the Raiders, he almost rode Rich Gannon to a Super Bowl title. In Tampa Bay, Brad Johnson managed the reigns as Gruden made some minor adjustments to the team assembled by Tony Dungy and brought the Lombardi Trophy to Tampa.

The big question is, what does Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock want in return for Carr? With their limited resources in this year’s draft, and even the potential delay of free agency and the league year, are the Bears serious players? Ryan Pace has demonstrated his willingness to make any deal he feels will improve the roster, but at a certain point, he has to think of the future. Would the Bears we willing to give up one of their second-round picks in exchange for Carr?

How much better would Chicago be with Derek Carr?

As humorous as that would be, it’s also less of a risk than drafting another “unknown” at quarterback. With Carr, you already know what you get in terms of ability and character. By all accounts, he’s a great teammate, locker room guy, family man, and community leader. He’d be an upgrade to not just Chicago, but for several other teams who will be lighting up Mayock’s phone.

Several moves would need to be made to accommodate Carr’s salary of $21.5 million this season, $22.125 million in 2021, and the final year of $19.877 million. Large numbers, but those figures still have him ranked 10th in average salary by quarterbacks. With that number likely to increase, the Bears would be getting a bargain for three more years.

Can Pace continue to make the big moves to push the Bears closer to their goal of a Super Bowl? Time will tell, and time is what we all have plenty of at the moment.

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