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Chicago Bears Have Work to Do on Bye

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By Juan Figueroa November 21, 2020 0 Comment
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Bears Fans Have Nothing to Worry About This Weekend!

The anguish that a Bears fan goes through week in and week out is only something Bears fans can relate to. They lure you in with hopes of success to just have it all sucked out by the offense once again.

As always, there is a glimmer of hope! We will not have to worry this weekend, as it is a bye week. That doesn’t mean that the team can’t work on improving for the rest of the season.

Bill Lazor, Stick to Your Guns

The play calling in the first quarter was fantastic. They were running the ball with intent. The offense looked rejuvenated and was playing truly inspired. Aside from an ill-advised interception thrown by Foles, there was hope that this offense had made a change for the best.

Then, the Bears offense went on a 14 play drive that lasted 5’57”, only to come up short and have to settle for a field goal (sigh). That was the point where the glimmer of hope would go dim. The spark the Bears offense was playing with to start the game was extinguished.

In the second half, it almost seemed as if Bill Lazor was no longer calling the plays. It felt like Matt Nagy all over again. Calling a quick screen to a wide receiver on a 3rd and long should be illegal!

The Bears offense was uninspired all over again. Lazor needs to stick his foot in the ground and do his job. They need to go back to the tape of what went right in the first quarter of and cement that play calling.

The Bears Defense, The Constant

This defense is the constant that keeps the Bears in games. They held a red-hot Dalvin Cook to 30 rushes and 96 yards. That is an abysmal 3.2 yards a rush. The Bears defense was solid—although, we still haven’t had a Robert Quinn sighting.

Roquan Smith was the guy we all expected him to be when he was drafted. He was flying sideline-to-sideline with reckless abandon. Equally aggressive making plays in the backfield. Roquan has become the guy the Bears have been waiting for. He is starting to take form as the prototypical middle linebacker of the Chicago Bears.

Continuing to build on the success the Bears have had on the defensive side of the ball needs to be a staple of each and every week.

Figure Out Cordarrelle Patterson

The one point of the game that felt like the Bears were going to win was the opening kickoff return of the second half. #84 took it to the house with gracious speed. His acceleration is effortless. He even chucked up the two-fingered deuce on his way in to the end zone.

What was even more impressive was his running ability as a running back. He ran ANGRY. Finished every run with authority—even if it was 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage because of horrid offensive line play. Cordarrelle Patterson has shown he could do it all and do it all with consistency.

Patterson, and the way the Bears have used Patterson this season, has had fans pulling their hair out, but this game was a glimpse of why the coaching staff continues to feature his immense talent. Taking the bye week to find more successful ways to put him in places to succeed could pay dividends down the road.

Questionable Effort? Or Lack of Trust

The one thing that stood out the most was the effort from a certain “superstar” wide receiver looking to be paid. As a big time Allen Robinson supporter, his lack of effort was truly disappointing. He seemed completely uninterested in following through with his blocking assignments. Yes, your quarterback is inaccurate but you can help him out by doing the little things, like blocking for your teammates and (in this game) making an effort on the bad throws too.

Anthony Miller was finishing punt returns with thunder, but his effort on badly thrown balls was also evident in the best possible way—especially on the most crucial play for the offense in the game. With the Bears down 19-13 in the fourth quarter, Miller broke free on a seam up the middle and had his defenders beat by at least 3 steps, only to have Foles sail it over his head. Miller laid out completely for it, showing effort to get to a badly thrown ball.

Both receivers will get that tape highlighted during bye week film sessions.

Always Hopeful

As Bears fans, we will always remain hopeful our team will get it together and turn this thing around. The Bears look like they are in their own head. The spark to turn things around was getting Lazor the play calling duties. It worked early on. We need to stick to that and ride that wave to a win.

Green Bay is next up on our schedule. We will not accept losses to that team. Get it together and BEAR DOWN!

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