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Chicago Bears Ballin’ on a budget: 2020 Free Agent Quarterbacks

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The Chicago Bears remain a mystery when it comes to the offseason events in 2020, but here are some options in free agency at quarterback.

Nobody knows for sure what lies ahead with the Chicago Bears in this off-season, but “Ballin’ On a Budget” provides an insight into players who might be a perfect fit and excel on this roster – for the right price:

Depending on which side of the fence you’re on, Mitchell Trubisky is either “one step away” from taking his game to the next level or is the one-piece holding the Bears back from any real success. With Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy’s careers and reputations being held for ransom by the success of Trubisky, there is no doubt they will look to replace him.  Or at least give him “healthy competition.”

The term “healthy competition” means it’s Trubisky’s job to lose, and he’ll most likely at least start the 2020 season, albeit on a short leash.

The two players the Bears can replace Trubisky with is Cam Newton of Carolina Panthers or Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders. Of course, these guys will cost a pretty penny and don’t fit the make-up of the “Ballin’ On a Budget” mantra.

So here are some names that may (for better or for worse) be the ones added to the Bears roster in 2020:

Marcus Mariota:

Personally, I’ve never been a fan. Even as Heisman Trophy winner who was lighting it up in Oregon – it just wasn’t impressive. He was over-drafted, and the Titans threw the franchise on him too early. To put it quite bluntly – signing Mariota is like signing Trubisky – again.

Mariota’s best season was in 2016, where he threw for 3426 yards, 26 touchdowns, nine interceptions, 61% completion percentage, and ran for 349 yards. Impressive? It depends on how you look at it. Compare those numbers to this stat line: 3223 yards, 24 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, 66% completion percentage, and 421 rushing yards. Do you know who stats those belong to is? Mitchell Trubisky, in 2018.

Even comparing the rest of their “blah” careers side by side, it’s easy to see Trubisky is just a “better” player than Mariota. Mariota is not a player Trubisky will have to look over his shoulder because of, nor would he worry about his job.

So why even mention Mariota?

He’ll come cheap. The guy benched and outplayed by Ryan Tannehill. His play style and ability to run the option “fits” what the Bears have been doing with Trubisky. If the Bears try to swing for Carr or Newton and miss, they might just have to stick with Trubisky and get themselves a back up who can execute the playbook.

Case Keenum:

Keenum’s name comes up for every team with a young quarterback. Keenum makes sense for some because he’s seen success as recently as two years ago.

Let’s be honest, though, that 2017 season was just him peaking, and his “peak” was 22 touchdowns and seven interceptions – a respectable season, but nothing to throw your franchise at. Keenum is a back up with starting experience. Nothing more, nothing less. If he did sign with the Bears – this would be his fifth team in the same number of years.

Trubisky is not going to worry about a nine-year journeyman – nor would Keenum be a guy to “push” Maserati Mitch.

Jeff Driskel:

Driskel is the best option for the Bears in free agency. When Jeff Driskel played at the University of Florida, he played under the shadow of Tim Tebow. Not only the most popular player in Florida football history – probably one of the greatest college sports phenomena of all time. It just never worked out well for Driskel.

Although a great athlete – he wasn’t a “running quarterback” and they tried to utilize him in that fashion too often. Transferring to Louisiana Tech allowed him to throw the ball more.

Not only were his passing statistics improved, but he was also a better runner in that program as well.

Now, two years in the NFL, and with two teams under his belt – Driskel has gotten his feet wet. In ten NFL starts, he has ten touchdowns, six interceptions, and averages six yards a rush.

Do those stats blow you away? No, of course not. But considering him being under center in the Matt Nagy offense makes sense. He is still young and still will push himself to become better. Having an unsteady starter in front of him like Trubisky may just be what he needs.

Driskel will come at a cheap cost and makes perfect sense if Mitch is still the starter in 2020.

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