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Chad Beebe Goes From Bust to Hero In Miraculous Win over Carolina

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By James Larsen November 30, 2020 0 Comment
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Minnesota Picked up a Huge Win over Carolina, with Chad Beebe showing up big time in the end.

Well, Chad Beebe took Minnesota Vikings fans on an emotional roller coaster in those final few minutes. The Vikings somehow came away with a huge win at home, putting together a big 4th quarter comeback to beat the Carolina Panthers in shocking fashion. In previous games, this season Minnesota has folded in these situations. However, they stepped up in a massive way against the Panthers. Right now, they are only one game out of playoff contention, despite being 5-6.

This was a wild game that had many momentum changes throughout its entirety. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that ultimately won the game for Minnesota.

Kirk Cousins is…Good?

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I was bashing Cousins’ performance early on in the season. That criticism was well deserved. With that being said, he’s been a brand new man since the bye week. The mistakes he was making at the beginning of the season have been corrected. He’s been much more accurate with the football and has stopped turning over it so much. Yes, he did fumble the ball away on Sunday. But, he bounced back and led the Vikings to a victory, which is something he did not do before the bye week.

Cousins ended the day 34/45, with 307 yards and three touchdowns, and a QBR of 115.7. You can’t ask for much more from your signal caller. He consistently made throws when he had to, and also boasted impressive pocket presence, evading pressure multiple times to keep drives alive. This throw to Chad Beebe for the go-ahead TD was perfect:

As Kirk Cousins continues to improve, so do the Vikings offensive performances. As long as he can keep up playing at this level, Minnesota is in good shape.

Justin Jefferson Stepped Up With Adam Thielen’s Absence

The Vikings offense was missing one of their main components, as Adam Thielen was unable to join the team due to Covid-19 concerns. Justin Jefferson was able to fill in effectively, hauling in seven passes for 70 yards, and two touchdowns.

While the run game struggled to get things going, Kirk Cousins, Justin Jefferson, Olabisi Johnson, and the other receivers were able to make things happen. Jefferson impresses week after week and will continue to be a big part of this offense.

The Defense Made Big Plays To Win the Game

It wasn’t just the offense that played an impressive game. Plenty of players on the defensive side of the football made plays that put Minnesota in a winning position. To begin with, they only allowed 13 offensive points. They shut down Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers, despite the odds they were facing.

Eric Kendricks has been one of the best linebackers in the league this season, and arguably could be the best of them all. For the third straight week, he made an interception to end what would have been a scoring drive.

Rookie D.J. Wonnum has also stepped up over the last few weeks and blocked a field goal in the 3rd quarter which kept things close. In the 4th quarter, they went on complete lockdown, making it incredibly difficult for the Panthers to move the football. Even after Chad Beebe muffed the punt, they held Carolina to a field goal, which gave the offense a chance to win the game. While there is still room for improvement, the defense stepped up when they had to this week.

Chad Beebe – From Hated to Loved In Minutes

It’s safe to say that many Vikings fans wanted to rip Chad Beebe’s head off at the 2:10 mark in the 4th quarter. Down 24-21, the defense had just made a massive stop and forced the Panthers to punt. Then, Beebe decided to do this:

At this point, it seemed like Minnesota had lost the game for good. They only had one timeout left, and just handed the Panthers back the ball at the nine yard line. However, just 20 seconds later, Minnesota was able to get the ball back and was only down by six. We all know what happened next, as Kirk Cousins drove the Vikings down the field before finding Beebe for the game winning TD.

It was a stressful, chaotic, and hectic final quarter of action, but the Vikings found a way to get it done. Chad Beebe became an instant hero with the go-ahead TD, and Joey Slye hooked a game winning field goal for the Panthers which allowed Minnesota to hang on for the win.

What’s Next for Minnesota?

Something that Minnesota desperately needs to improve moving forward is the turnovers. They had three of those on Sunday, which led to 17 points for the Panthers. Erase those, and Minnesota wins this game easily. That sequence of two fumbles that resulted in touchdowns to start the 3rd quarter gave Carolina a huge edge. Minnesota cannot continue to turn over the football, especially at crucial points in games.

After all the Vikings have been through this season, they are surprisingly only one game out of playoff contention. If they can beat the 1-10 Jacksonville Jaguars next week, they’ll be at .500 for the first time all year. It will not be an easy road to the playoffs, but this win got them back on track.

With the Buccaneers, Bears, Saints, and then Lions coming down the pipe to finish out the season, the Vikings have a genuine chance at finishing 9-7, or even 10-6 if they can stay consistent. Only time will tell, but Minnesota fans can at least still have hope.

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