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No Need to Get Personal

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By Max Derringer December 21, 2020 0 Comment
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The Jalen Hurts era is officially underway in Philadelphia and the early returns thus far are exciting. However, personal attacks on the former starter continue to grow.

Since taking over for Carson Wentz in the second half against the Green Bay Packers, rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts sparked an anemic Philadelphia Eagles offense. In only two games, the Eagles offense looks significantly better than it has for the majority of the season.

Hurts’ play has been so good that many are starting to question if Carson Wentz’s time in Philadelphia may be coming to an end. Those people argue that scenario may benefit both parties.

National and local media criticized Wentz’s play all season long. Some are rightly wondering how much Wentz was to blame for the team’s struggles earlier this season.

The problem is that the conversation has shifted from objective, football-centric discussion to personal attacks on Wentz’s attitude and character.

Carson Wentz is Selfish

A report from Adam Schefter on Sunday morning stated that Carson Wentz is unhappy being a backup and wants to be a starter, in Philadelphia or elsewhere.

This is common sense to anybody who follows football, as any quarterback that is confident in their abilities is not content being a backup.

This report was enough for some to unload on Wentz’s character, labeling him as selfish and an egomaniac.

Even Eagles legend Brian Westbrook got in on the character assassination. After seeing what his own quarterback, Donovan McNabb, went through in Philadelphia, one would think he would be hesitant to make such statements.

Wentz’s “selfishness” was on full display on Sunday. Viewers observed the quarterback helping Jalen Hurts go over plays between drives. Doug Pederson has also stated that Wentz has been helping his replacement in practice. Wentz even wrapped his arm around his teammate after the Eagles’ final drive fell short.

What a truly selfish act.

What was largely ignored was a report from Rob Maaddi that refuted Adam Schefter’s claim that Wentz wants out of Philadelphia.

So, in the end, many may have jumped to conclusions and the assault on Carson Wentz’s character seems unwarranted.

Carson Wentz is Soft

Wentz was not only called selfish, but his toughness is now being questioned by both local and national media members.

Philadelphia media has always been irrationally harsh on their quarterbacks, so it’s not a surprise to see radio talking heads keeping that tradition alive.

Someone who should know better is Ryan Clark. Clark is a former football player and should understand how the ridiculousness of his comments on Wentz. In what sounded more like a personal take than an attempt at analysis, Clark stated “As a person, Carson Wentz is soft.”

Mind you he is talking about a player that played four snaps after tearing his ACL and played the majority of the 2018 season with a fractured vertebra.

It should be noted that Clark is more so questioning Wentz’s mental toughness, but again this is a player who has dealt with the mental aspect of rehabbing multiple injuries, playing his way out of Nick Foles’ shadow, and also playing in one of the toughest football cities.

Poor job all around from Ryan Clark and all who hold the same opinion.


Carson Wentz may not be the best quarterback for Philadelphia anymore, but there is no need to drag Wentz’s name through the mud on his way out.

The criticism of Wentz’s play is more than fair, but it is not acceptable to attack his character. Especially when his character has been lauded by coaches and teammates alike. Not to mention his humanitarian efforts as well.

We can praise Jalen Hurts for his play without going to extra lengths to criticize the former starter.

Leave the personal attacks out of sports.

Enough is enough.

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