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Carlos Mota Tizil: Rising MMA Star

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By Benjamin Saxton July 14, 2020 0 Comment
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Carlos Mota Tizil is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts.

You might not have heard of Carlos Mota Tizil yet, but don’t worry his time is coming. Carlos has been preparing for an inevitable phone call from the UFC. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Carlos and his coach Fransico Bueno.

Carlos is 25 years young with a very promising future. Currently, he is undefeated with a 5-0 professional record. His last fight was was in the Legacy Fighting Association (LFA). He fights out of Brazil.

Carlos possesses endurance, speed, power and one hell of a kick.

What makes Carlos the most dangerous is his dedication to his craft. Every morning he will start the day with some coffee then begin his meditation and visualization of reaching his goals.

While he is young in his career he truly believes he will become UFC champion in the flyweight division and can compete with anyone right now.

When asked where he saw himself in 18 months he replied, “UFC Champion.”

Two a day practices are not uncommon and more the norm for Carlos and coach Fransicio Bueno. He trains so hard with one thing on his mind and that is UFC gold.

Carlos’s fighting background

Carlos had a difficult childhood. He grew up without knowing his father and lived in the ghetto. He found fighting at a young age and it was almost divine intervention. Not too many people find there calling, let alone doing it a young age.

When COVID struck Brazil, Carlos and his coach went into isolation for five days. After that time coach, Fransico Bueno invited Carlos to stay with him and practice in his own gym.

Taking into account all safety precautions they were able to continue training from sunrise to sunset.

Fighting style

Carlos like to press the issue which makes for an exciting viewing experience. His agility can be seen below, being able to strike from all angles and drop anyone at any given time.

Carlos has endurance for days, lighting quick hands, outstanding agility, and knockout power. His power doesn’t just come from his hands. He also has devastating leg kicks.

He managed to finish George Martinez in 36 seconds with a devastating leg kick to the body. When asked about this leg kick, he said it’s something he’s practiced hundreds of times warming up for fights.

Carlos is going to get a call to fight in the UFC and will be trouble for the entire flyweight division. Keep an eye out for him. He was a pleasure meeting, and I can’t wait to see him light it up in the UFC.

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