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Can the Lions rebound after 1-3 start to the season?

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By Alex Hathaway October 13, 2020 0 Comment

The Lions have blown leads in 3 out of 4 games this season. Can Matt Patricia’s Lions overcome these losses and start playing winning football?

The Detroit Lions can’t seem to do anything right heading into week 6. Their offense is struggling, their defense is non existent and the coaching staff seems to have no answer for any of it. It is still a very young NFL season, but a 1-3 start typically spells disaster.

Let’s take a look at the remaining Lions opponents:

Jaguars (1-4), Falcons (0-5), Colts (3-2), Vikings (1-4), Washington (1-4), Panthers (3-2), Bears (4-1), Packers (4-0), Titans (3-0), Buccaneers (3-2) and the Vikings (1-4). The next 7 games of their schedule are pretty favorable for this struggling Lions team, but you can also say the same for the opposing teams they will face. Are the Lions REALLY that much better than the other 1 win teams they’ll go up against this season? So far, that answer has to be no.

What’s wrong with the offense?

Matthew Stafford and this offense have to be the most disappointing unit so far this season. Last year Matthew Stafford was playing at an MVP level before he was sidelined with a back injury that limited him to only playing 8 games.

Fast forward to 2020 and we just haven’t seen the same Stafford that the Lions desperately need. With their defense playing consistently bad, Stafford has to be near perfect every game to give this team a chance to win. That’s a tough and somewhat unfair task for any quarterback, but that’s where the Lions stand right now as a team.

Take a look at Stafford’s stats this year compared to last year:

Matthew Stafford weeks 1-4 in 2019: 1,068 yards, 9 TDS, 2 INT.

Matthew Stafford weeks 1-4 in 2020: 1,017 yards, 8 TDS, 3 INT.

On paper, Stafford looks almost identical to his 2019 form, but if you’ve watched him at all this season, you know there’s clearly something very off with his play. However, Stafford and this offense can certainly turn things around especially after a bye week to regroup.

Oh yeah,  get T.J. Hockenson and D’Andre Swift more involved in the game plan, please.


Defensive downfall

Defense? Lions? Never heard of it. This Lions defense is bad. Like, really bad. That has been the same narrative over and over for the Lions since the Patricia era started. Let’s take a look at some defensive stats since Patricia’s arrival in Detroit.

2018 Total yards/game: 335 (10th)
2019 Total yards/game: 400.4 (31st)
2020 Total yards/game:405 (28th)

Keep in mind, 2018 was the last season before Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn filled the Lions locker room up with their guys to fit their scheme.

Very interesting…

Can this team turn their season around?

If I’m Matt Patricia, I HAVE to try something new. Burn it all to the ground. Start fresh. Pretend these 3 losses were just pre-season losses and that you finally learned what’ll work and what will not. The Lions are not strong enough at any phase of the game to continue what they’ve been trying to do so far. This team as a whole needs to look completely different coming out of the bye week if they want to have any kind of chance at a winning record.

Matt Patricia is set in the way he wants to run his football team and seems unwilling to change anything even with proven failures time after time. So no, I really do not see this team turning their season around, it must end with a Matt Patricia firing.

Prove me wrong, coach.

It’s extremely frustrating and exhausting, but let’s just try to enjoy the 2020 Lions season for what it is. We’re pretty fortunate to have football to watch every Sunday with the pandemic still going strong.


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