Bridges Football's NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Bridges Football’s NFL Power Rankings Week 8

By Marc Lillibridge November 3, 2020 0 Comment
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32. New York Jets (Last week: 32)

The Jets are who we thought they were and someone needs to put a hook in head coach Adam Gase.

31. Houston Texans (Last week: 31)

The best thing about the Texans this past weekend was they didn’t play and subject us all to bad football.

30. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 30)

I really should move the ‘Boys to No. 31. When was the last time a team with such high preseason expectations fell this far, this fast? And don’t just blame the Dak injury.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last week: 29)

See Texans at No. 31.

28. Washington Football Team (Last week: 26)

I am going off the assumption that had Washington played, they would have lost.

27. New York Giants (Last week: 25)

I am still a Daniel Jones fan but even I have to say after his play this week, I may ask for a discount on the club membership.

26. New England Patriots (Last week: 23)

Four straight losses. This is exactly the team I thought the Patriots would be when I said before the season they would not make the playoffs.

25. Detroit Lions (Last week: 20)

The Lions are a tough team to figure out. They are so up and down and the offense has not figured out how to use rookie RB D’Andre Swift.

24. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 28)

The Vikings defense looked the way fans expected them to look all season. But what has happened to S Anthony Harris? Received the franchise tag and is hardly noticed on the unit.

23. Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 27)

I really don’t trust this Atlanta team. I think they will play spoiler in terms of knocking a team out of the playoffs but their defense is too hit-or-miss.

22. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 24)

Power ranked at No. 22 and yet leading the NFC East. Gross football in that division.

21. Cincinnati Bengals (Last week: 22)

I really wish this team would hire another strong front office voice to partner with Duke Tobin.  They have a stud in QB Joe Burrow. Just need more talent around him.

20. Carolina Panthers (Last week: 18)

You love the Panthers one week and the next they let you down. I didn’t expect much from this team in 2020 but they may have the defensive rookie of the year in safety Jeremy Chinn.

19. Chicago Bears (Last week: 16)

The Bears will win or lose as their defense goes. The offense play calling can’t be trusted.

18. Los Angeles Chargers (Last week: 17)

The Chargers have a generational QB in Justin Herbert. Too bad their head coach Anthony Lynn doesn’t believe in him. This team is so banged up the fact Herbert keeps them in games is amazing.

17. Cleveland Browns (Last week: 12)

An ugly loss to the Raiders. The entire team looked like a dumpster fire.

16. Denver Broncos (Last week: 20)

How fun is QB Drew Lock? The best part is his teammates love and believe in him. The AFC West is going to be exciting for a very long time. (Especially after the Raiders replace Derek Carr).

15. Los Angeles Rams (Last week: 11)

Dominated by the Dolphins. Sean McVay was taken out back and paddled like the little boy he is by Brian Flores.

14. Las Vegas Raiders (Last week: 15)

The Raiders are fighting for a wild card but with a solid mix of veterans and young players, Vegas could be a sneaky good team to keep an eye on.

13. Indianapolis Colts (Last week: 14)

Just when I start counting the old man Rivers out, Philip puts up a heck of a game and looks like the gun-slinger from his early Chargers days.

12. San Francisco 49ers (Last week: 13)

The 49ers are one of the most resilient teams I can remember watching in recent history. If the whole squad can get healthy at the same time, watch out!

11. Green Bay Packers (Last week: 7)

When the Packers lay eggs, they are Humpty Dumpty sized. Bad beat against the Vikings.

10. Tennessee Titans (Last week: 5)

Every team has a bad week. Let’s chalk this Bengals loss up to Halloween.

9. Arizona Cardinals (Last week: 10)

A rested Cardinals team should be ready to make a run at the NFC West crown in the second half of the season.

8. New Orleans Saints (Last week: 9)

RB Alvin Kamara is the offense. If the team ever gets a full compliment of WRs back, this offense could explode.

7. Miami Dolphins (Last week: 19)

Tua didn’t produce Fitzmagic but the former Alabama product did enough to get his first NFL win. The team scored in every facet of the game.

6. Buffalo Bills (Last week: 8)

The Bills held off an undermanned Patriots team and still hold the keys to the AFC East.

5. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 3)

The Ravens literally just ran out of time versus the Steelers.

4. Seattle Seahawks (Last week: 6)

D.K. Metcalf is a MAN! And the scary part is that Tyler Lockett may actually be a better all-around receiver.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last week: 4)

All the attention goes to the offense but the defense, led by Lavonte David, is playing championship football.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 2)

Once the offense gets TE Travis Kelce involved, the rest of the players start to thrive. Strange to see an offense run through the tight end.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last week: 1)

The NFL is a war of attrition and head coach Mike Tomlin relishes the fight. Because of the era of coaches he has faced, Tomlin doesn’t get enough credit but he is a Hall of Fame coach.


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