Bridges Football's NFL Power Rankings Week 14

Bridges Football’s NFL Power Rankings Week 14

  • arizona cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • baltimore ravens
  • Buffalo Bills
  • carolina panthers
  • Chicago Bears
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns
  • dallas cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • houston texans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • los angeles chargers
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • New England Patriots
  • new orleans saints
  • New York Giants
  • New York Jets
  • NFL
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Tennessee Titans
  • washington football team
By Marc Lillibridge December 20, 2020 0 Comment
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32. New York Jets (Last week: 32)

Thirteen straight losses. Yuck!

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last week: 31)

This team stinks in so many areas, but it starts with poor coaching.

30. Cincinnati Bengals (Last week: 30)

The loss of QB Joe Burrow seems to have sucked the life out of the locker room.

29. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 29)

The Cowboys beat the Bengals. Good for QB Andy Dalton.

28. Detroit Lions (Last week: 24)

The Lions need a strong front office. The hiring of Chris Spielman is exactly as I suggested.

27. Houston Texans (Last week: 23)

The talent is there. Now a strong front office is needed to add more play-makers.

26. Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 21)

Atlanta has a chance to play spoiler down the stretch. But only if QB Matt Ryan plays out of his mind.

25. Los Angeles Chargers (Last week: 28)

If this team gets a top-line coach, the talent is there. DE Joey Bosa is a game-changer.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 27)

The Jalen Hurts era has begun in Philly.

23. New York Giants (Last week: 20)

The culture is changing in New York. They just need more talent.

22. Washington Football Team (Last week: 26)

Head coach Ron Rivera is just one heck of a coach.

21. Carolina Panthers (Last week: 19)

Year two under Matt Rhule is going to be awesome.

20. San Francisco 49ers (Last week: 18)

Without George Kittle or Jimmy G, this team just isn’t good enough.

19. Denver Broncos (Last week: 22)

One week the Broncos stink, then play lights out the next. That’s on the QB Drew Lock.

18. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 17)

This is simply an average team, but WR Justin Jefferson is the truth.

17. New England Patriots (Last week: 16)

I just like pointing out I excluded them from the playoffs before the season.

16. Las Vegas Raiders (Last week: 15)

The bottom is starting to fall out with the firing of DC Paul Guenther.

15. Chicago Bears (Last week: 25)

Give QB Mitch Trubisky his due. He is not going away quietly.

14. Miami Dolphins (Last week: 12)

The Dolphins just don’t have the players yet to win the close games versus better teams.

13. Arizona Cardinals (Last week: 14)

Beating the Giants is one thing. This team needs to finish the season strong.

12. Cleveland Browns (Last week: 6)

The Browns still can’t beat the tough teams in the division.

11. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 13)

If the Ravens’ offense can play as they did in Week 14, this team will be hard to beat in the playoffs.

10. Indianapolis Colts (Last week: 11)

The Colts need to keep running the football and playing solid defense.

9. Tennessee Titans (Last week: 10)

Another 200-plus yard rushing game from Derrick Henry spells W-I-N!

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last week: 9)

I am still not sold on this team as a whole.

7. New Orleans Saints (Last week: 3)

You can’t lose to the Eagles and a rookie QB.

6. Seattle Seahawks (Last week: 8)

Beating the Jets is one thing. How they play the rest of the NFC West from here on out will determine their playoff fate.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last week: 4)

Another loss is starting to expose Big Ben. The Steelers need a better rushing attack to get to the Super Bowl.

4. Los Angeles Rams (Last week: 7)

Welcome to the NFL, Cam Akers!

3. Green Bay Packers (Last week: 5)

I believe Aaron Rodgers wins the MVP award. No one is playing better than him right now.

2. Buffalo Bills (Last week: 2)

The Bills are a well-coached team that proved they can beat the better teams in the AFC.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 1)

QB Pat Mahomes is back in the MVP conversation.


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