Bridges Brawl week 5 NFL power rankings

Bridges Brawl week 5 NFL power rankings

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Here are Bridges Brawl week 5 NFL power rankings

32. New York Jets (Last week: 32)

The jets are so bad even Giants fans are making fun of them. The club cut RB Le’veon Bell and are a complete train wreck. Only days before¬† HC Adam Gase was cut as well.

31. Atlanta Falcons (Last week: 30)

The loss finally cost HC Dan Quinn his job and general manager Thomas Dimitroff was outed as well. Falcons are playing for pride and will be playing for a few new bosses come 2021.

30. New York Giants (Last week: 31)

I bumped the Giants up a spot because at least the team competes. If the squad had any veteran leadership, they would have beaten the cowboys handily.

29. Washington Football Team (Last week: 27)

I was so pumped up and then almost piked watching Alex Smith get pounded last week in his return from his gruesome injury. Love the coaching staff butt his team is tough to watch on offense.

28. Houston Texans (Last week: 29)

The club actually won with former head coach Bill O’brien on the sideline. I’m not sold just yet, but this team is talented and has a chance to move up.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars (Last week: 26)

Simply not enough talent to compete week in and week out in the NFL. That’s on the GM and front office.

26. Denver Broncos (Last week: 28)

The NFL keeps messing with their schedule but at least Drew Lock is one week closer to playing again.

25. Detroit Lions (Last week: 25)

A bye week allowed Matt Particia another week to keep his gig.

24. Philadelphia Eagles (Last week: 22)

At this point, I would rather have about 20 other QBs in the NFL other than Carson Wentz. Head coach Doug Pederson needs to light a fire under his veteran team.

23. Cincinnati Bengals (Last week: 27)

The Bengals need to trade WR A.J Green and try to recoup anything for him. Not sure there is much of a market for a slowed, non-competitive player though.

22. Minnesota Vikings (Last week: 21)

The Vikings do compete, but just cant seem to win the close ones.

21. Miami Dolphins (Last week: 24)

I love how hard Brian Flores coaches this young team. The players respond and play as one.

20. San Francisco 49ers (Last week: 15)

The magic of last season has worn off due to injuries. But even at full throttle, this team can’t beat the upper echelon teams.

19. Los Angeles Charger (Last week: 17)

I was a doubter of QB Justin Herbert coming out of college. The DUDE has won me over with his toughness and moxie.

18. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 19)

This is Andy Dalton‘s team now. Which really means Zeke Elliot’s team. but the OL is so bad, this team will fall apart.

17. Chicago Bears (Last week: 20)

I am never sure what Bears team will show up, but the defense is starting to heat up and that is fine site for all Bears fans.

16. Indianapolis Colts (Last week: 13)

I said it all off season. I do not like Philip Rivers fit with the Colts. I like it even less after watching him struggle the past five weeks. If the colts miss the playoffs, the blame falls on Rivers and GM Chris Ballard for signing him.

15. Arizona Cardinals (Last week: 16)

WR Deandre Hopkins plays for the Cardinals but got Bill O’Brien fired in Houston just by torching DBs this season.The loss of OLB Chandler Jones to injury will hurt though.

14. Carolina Panthers (Last week: 14)

Who needs RB Christian McCaffrey? The team is 3-0 without him. I’m kidding. They need him!

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last week: 8)

I just have a hard time watching this offense misfire so often. There is a ton of talent but they are not on the same page yet.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (Last week: 18)

When you beat the NFL champs in their stadium and do so in a pretty convincing fashion, you deserve to move up the rankings. Now the Raiders need to learn to follow up and finish.

11. New England Patriots (Last week: 11)

The NFL loves the Patriots and will do anything to get the team playing all of their games.

10. New Orleans Saints (Last week: 10)

The Saints are the most unconvincing 3-2 team in football.  Thank god for RB Alvin Kamara.

9. Cleveland Browns (Last week: 12)

A studly young defense with a swagger style offense. This is exactly the type of team the other 40 Browns head coaches were trying to build.

8. Los Angeles Rams (Last week: 9)

They beat the Washington Football Team so no big deal. But Aaron Donald tossed grown men around like rag dolls and I don’t want him to get a hold of me.

7. Buffalo Bills (Last week: 4)

The bills were exposed by a tougher team in the Titans. Back to the drawing board for all phases of the game.

6. Tennessee Titans (Last week: 7)

Even though the entire team has COVID and passed it on to Alabama head coach Nick Saban (not sure if this is true or not but it sounds believable), Mike Vrabel’s team out toughed the Bills and took Buffalo to the woodshed.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (Last week: 6)

Big Ben is playing smart football and the defense is one the steel curtain would be proud to call their own.

4. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 5)

The team is winning in spite of Lamar Jackson. Once the always MVP candidate gets rolling, this team will be a force down the stretch.

3. Kansas City Chiefs ( Last week: 1)

The Raiders exposed some kinks in the armor, but HC Andy Reid wont panic and knows how to circle the wagons (sorry Bills fans).

2. Seattle Seahawks (Last week: 3)

The offense is carrying this team. Okay, QB Russel Wilson is carrying this team. Once the defense finds their footing, watch out NFC.

1. Green Bay Packers (Last week: 2)

Coming off a bye week, QB Aaron Rodgers and RB Aaron Jones may account for 800 yards.


Those were Bridges Brawl week 5 NFL power rankings. Be sure to check back next week at The Brawl Network. For Marc Lillibridge’s week 6 power rankings !


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