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By Max Derringer September 19, 2020 0 Comment
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Week 2 features a pivotal game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams. The Ram Brawl’s Eli Pearl and Max Derringer from Eagles Brawl share their thoughts about Sunday’s game.

The Rams scored an impressive victory over the Cowboys on Sunday Night, while the Eagles embarrassed themselves against Washington. The Brawl Network previews the match-up in a Brawl vs Brawl showdown.

Rams Brawl

This Rams vs Eagles Game looks to be a good one. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles without a football team, I had a choice on who to be a fan of. I could’ve been like my family and become a Lions fan, but I witnessed the emotional distress that my grandpa went through by being a loyal Lions fan for 50+ years. So instead for some odd reason, as a kindergartner I became a loyal Eagles fan. There’s some photo somewhere of me in a small children’s DeSean Jackson jersey, and even though I became a Rams fan once they moved back to LA, the Eagles will always have a special place in my heart. So I’m excited to see my two favorite teams face this week, in what should be a good game

What Match-ups am I most Worried About ?

While the Rams defense played very well against the Cowboys, it’s still a young unproven defense. The Eagles have a couple players on the offensive side of the ball who could exploit its weaknesses. Back in June, I graded the Rams Middle Linebacker as a unit an F, and their play in week 1 did nothing to change my grade. Starting MLB Micah Kiser missed six tackles, and no other linebackers really stood out. While I’m slightly worried about Miles Sanders against the Rams defense, the two guys I’m most worried about are Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. Blake Jarwin went down with an ACL injury early in the game which meant that we didn’t get to see how the Rams linebackers were in coverage. But if the Rams linebackers tackle like they did against the Cowboys, and cover like I think they will cover, the Rams will be in for a long day defensively.

The other part of the Eagles that I am worried about is that defensive line. The Rams offensive line last season was not good. They were good at containing the Cowboys defensive line, which is easily top 15 in the NFL and arguably top 10, but the Eagles defensive line is a consensus top 5 unit. The Rams entire offense is based off of the offensive line blocking well and creating holes for running backs to run through. When the Rams face good defensive lines they usually struggle immensely, like they did against the 49ers last season. I’m worried the Rams are in for the same fate Sunday.

What Match-ups Am I most Excited About ?

The Eagles defense besides the defensive line is not good. With Nigel Bradham and Kamu Grugier-Hill gone, the linebackers on paper are atrocious. The only name I recognize is Nathan Gerry. The secondary was historically awful last year. While the Eagles made strides to fix it by signing Darius Slay and former Ram Nickell Robey-Coleman, they still don’t impress me. I can see Sean McVay having a lot of fun vs this Eagles secondary, and am excited to see what Malcolm Brown, Cam Akers, and co. can do against the Eagles linebackers. If the Washington Football Team can shred the Eagles defense in one half, then anyone can.

Aaron Donald is a human wrecking ball, and easily the best defensive player of this generation. He showed what he could do last week against one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. If he could humiliate pro bowl RG Zack Martin, I can’t wait to see what he can do against this Eagles offensive line. The Washington Football Team put up eight sacks vs this unit. Would it be a stretch to expect eight sacks in the first half ? Aaron Donald, Michael Brockers, Leonard Floyd, and Samson Ebukam are going to have a lot of fun this coming Sunday. It’s going to be bad. Poor Carson Wentz.

Game Prediction

The Eagles and Rams are both in weird places as franchises. They both are NFC teams that hit peaks in the past couple of years. Both feel like they are trying to return to that peak, but instead fall back into obscurity. They are both talented teams with talented players, but neither feel like true contenders anymore. This is going to be a good fun matchup, and I could see it as a shootout. I’m going to predict the Rams win this one 35-24, but we’re in for a good one on Sunday.

Eagles Brawl

Before the pleasantries go out the window on Sunday, let me thank the Rams for beating the Cowboys on Sunday night.  Now that that’s out of the way lets look at the matchups this Sunday.

What Worries You Against the Rams ?

The most obvious concern is how in the world do the Eagles protect Carson Wentz from Aaron Donald ? Especially after the abysmal performance the group had against Washington. With Carson Wentz’ propensity for holding on to the football, Donald can make an impact in a hurry. The Rams also have other effective pass rushers in Leonard Floyd and Samson Ebukam. The key to the game will be how the offensive line performs and if they allow Wentz time to throw.

Defensively the other major concern is cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey has the ability to shut down an entire half of the field, much like Darrelle Revis, and the Eagles do not have a receiver who can consistently beat him. The Eagles need to be very judicious when targeting anyone in Ramsey’s coverage.

Offensively the Rams utilize a lot of pre-snap motion to confuse defenses and this is concerning as the secondary for the Eagles are mostly free agent signings or have undergone position changes. Last week against Washington there were communication issues that led to touchdowns and that could very well happen with a secondary who hasn’t had much playing time together.

Also the Rams offense relies on their ability to get yards after the catch which can be a problem for the Eagles as their linebackers are not the most effective tacklers.

Of course the Eagles need to game-plan for Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. The problem with playing against these receivers is that they always seem to be open, especially on critical plays. The Eagles did acquire Darius Slay, but the Rams receiver duo is good enough to beat anybody.

What Do You Like Against the Rams ?

The Rams offensive line performed well against the Cowboys and kept the pressure off of Goff. However, the Eagles have perhaps the second best defensive tackle in the league in Fletcher Cox and the Eagles defensive line as a whole should be able to get more pressure on Goff.

One positive aspect for the Eagles when it comes to offensive line play this week is that the Rams do not have as many players who are great pass rushers as Washington did. This allows the offensive line to key in on Donald and try to limit his production. Another positive in terms of pass blocking will be the return of running back Miles Sanders who performed well as a pass blocker in his rookie season.

The biggest advantage the Eagles have match-up wise will be the tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. The Eagles will look to get both tight ends lined up against the likes of Leonard Floyd or Samson Ebukam. The Eagles may even line them up against cornerbacks not named Jalen Ramsey as Ertz and Goedert hold a significant height advantage over cornerbacks Troy Hill (5’11) and Damorious Williams. I would expect the Eagles tight ends to be heavily targeted on Sunday.

Defensively, the Eagles have been effective in limiting the opposing running game. The Rams offense likes to run the ball so that their play-action plays are more effective. Limit the running game, limit the play-action.

Former Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman could also share his knowledge of the Rams offense and help the Eagles defenders be more aware of the Rams offensive scheme.

Game Prediction

The Eagles should be extra motivated for this game as they were embarrassed last week against Washington. The Eagles can’t really afford to go 0-2, but the Eagles do return many key players this week. Expect Carson Wentz and the offensive line to perform better than they did last week and the Eagles walk away with a win 28-27.


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