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Best Head Coach for the Open NFL Gigs

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By Marc Lillibridge December 1, 2020 0 Comment
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Who are some Potential Candidates for the Upcoming NFL Positions?

Every year, the NFL coaching carousel spins at a topsy-turvy rate, adding new riders and bucking off ” wanna-be’s”. 2020, the year of the ‘VID, could have as many as 10 head gigs available in the league. The ones we know about are Houston, Detroit, and Atlanta. But rumors are strong in Jacksonville, in New York with the Jets, Cincinnati, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and San Diego. Here are my random thoughts on the positions that are or could be available.

Hottest name

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will have his pick of any of the head coaching jobs. He was a firework prospect last hiring cycle but with the Chiefs going all the way to winning the Lombardi, EB missed the silly owner self-imposed hiring window. Either way, Bieniemy only has helped his leverage by calling a tremendous offense and having a chance to repeat.

Best fit for Bieniemy

Houston Texans have a phenom QB in Deshaun Watson, a stalwart LT (Laremy Tunsil), and solid defenders at every level. But it’s Watson and his new long term contract that makes this matchup fit like a glove. Having the security at the toughest position to scout and draft locked up for years allows Bieniemy to use draft capital to get players at other weaknesses on the squad.

Side note Hot Take

Look for a team with an open GM job to woo Minnesota Vikings Assistant GM, George Paton. The long time Vikings personnel man has strong ties to Bieniemy from the coach’s time in Minnesota as running back/OC in 2007-2010. If an owner feels like getting Paton lands the team Bieniemy, long-term deals, and top-line money will be in order.

Worst job: Detroit Lions

Who knows how long QB Matthew Stafford has left in the league and he has already said he will not commit to the team past 2020…yet. I am sure some of that will be decided by which GM and head coach are hired. But even beyond the quarterback position, the offense has few playmakers and the defense, for all the money spent, has underperformed. Because of these issues, the next Lions hire has to be someone with historical ties to the city and town. The hire must bring fire back to the fan base and will be needed to attract free agents to Michigan.

Best fit for the Lions

If I was the owner, I would hire Chris Spielman, former Lions LB, to be the general manager. Then I would use all my inherited automobile money to lock down 49ers DC Robert Saleh. Both men have Michigan ties. Spielman, of course, is one of the elite players in Lions’ history and Saleh is a native of Dearbon and played college ball at Northern Michigan. Spielman, in his current media gig, studies players and tape, has an evaluator brother to bounce ideas off, and is Detroit “tough”. Saleh is a defensive guru who brings tough love to the locker room and city. This almost is too easy to actually happen.

What about Atlanta?

The roster is void of a ton of talent but owner Arthur Blank is one owner I would beg to work for. The city is incredible and the stadium is world-class. There are the futures of QB Matt Ryan and WR Julio Jones, but the cupboard isn’t entirely bare and with the right front office structure in place, Atlanta is a prime spot.

Best fit for GM

ESPN’s Louis Riddick has been getting a ton of love lately for his work on Monday Night Football. And rightfully so. He knows how to evaluate talent and brings an immediate presence to the city and position. Riddick is a former Falcons defensive back so he knows the landscape and fan base.

So the coach? I am going to go off script here and say Riddick tries to finagle David Shaw away from his role at Stanford. I know Shaw has turned down advances from the NFL in the past but why I think this works…NOW. The lack of stability and leadership in the PAC-12 has to give Shaw pause. Riddick and Shaw spent time together with the Raiders in 1998. Both Riddick and Shaw are evaluators at their core and together could turn the Falcons around quickly.

A possible coach trade?

For reasons, only Eagles fans know, Doug Pederson‘s name is being bantered around as a possible kick to the curb. The guy only brought a Super Bowl to the toughest town in America. But if you aren’t Rocky, who are you in Philly? Nobody if you don’t win everyday. If I was New York Jets GM, Joe Douglas, I would call up my old boss Howie Roseman and see if I could pry Pederson out for a 5th or 6th. This would be a win-win for all parties. Pederson lands with a GM who wants him and a solid young roster with tons of draft capital. Douglas brings a proven winner to a fan base that celebrated Gase memes because all you can do as a Jets fan is laugh at yourself. The Eagles and Roseman get a draft pick for a guy they may have let go and can bring in a fresh voice to a team that seems to have drowned out Pederson.

A few names to pay attention to:

Head coaches:

Washington DC Jack Del Rio

Iowa State HC Matt Campbell

Titans OC Arthur Smith

Panthers OC Joe Brady

Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett

Steelers DC Keith Butler

General Managers:

Dolphins Reggie McKenzie

Bears Champ Kelly

Bills Dan Morgan

Senior Bowl Exec Jim Nagy

Ravens Scott Cohen

Patriots Eliot Wolf

Seahawks Alonzo Highsmith

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