Baltimore Ravens expected to franchise tag Mathew Judon.

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What’s the move?

Earlier this Week, reports came out that the Ravens are expected to franchise tag pass rusher Mathew Judon. The Ravens in previous years have been extremely reluctant to tag a pending free agent, because the franchise tag is a 1-year deal where the players salary is fully guaranteed for that upcoming season. The salary that the player makes is based on the average of the top 5 salaries at that position from the previous season, the 2020 franchise tag for linebackers is set at $16.26 million. So if the Ravens do indeed tag Judon that is what he would be making for this up coming season.


The Ravens may also do what is called a “tag and trade” which is where the Ravens would tag Judon and trade him away if they cannot get a long term deal done with him. This idea is intriguing because although the Ravens would not have signed Judon to a long-term extension, they would still get good value in a trade for him. Examples of this idea include last offseason where the Chiefs tagged pass rusher Dee Ford but traded him away to the Sanfransisco 49ers for a 2020 draft pick. The Seattle Seahawks did the exact same thing with pass rusher Frank Clark, they franchise tagged him and traded him to the Chiefs. Clark then proceeded to sign a 5 year extension worth about $105.50 million extension. The 49ers also signed Dee Ford to a 5-year extension once they acquired him. If the Ravens were to “tag and trade” Judon they would be able to get similar value to what the Chiefs, 49ers and Seahawks received last off season.


Another option for the Ravens is for them to tag Judon, have him play out this upcoming season on that 1-year deal and re-visit extension talks with him either during this upcoming season or next off season. Or if they still have not reached a long-term deal with him by the start of next season, that brings in the possibility of the Ravens tagging him again next off season. and we go through this exact same scenario all over again. Lets all hope that this does not turn into a Kirk Cousins Situation.

Other Factors

The other component that goes into the Ravens tagging Judon is what happened last off season, when they refused to franchise tag Za’Darius Smith who at the time was a young pass rusher about to enter his prime coming off of a career year just like Judon is. Smith proceeded to leave via free agency in favor of the Green Bay packers where he signed a 4-year $66 million deal. As it stands, going into the start of free agency, pass rusher is arguably the biggest need for the Ravens, and because of that it is difficult to see a scenario where they just let Judon walk out of the door for nothing in return. For that reason, it is a smart move for them to franchise tag Judon and make a decision on his future from there, because that will also buy some time with him while they figure out what to do, as well as guarantee that he will be back at least next season with the team. The Ravens have until March 10th to officially place the tag on Judon. Bottom line what ever Eric DeCosta decides to do with Judon it will be for the better of the team and the Ravens faithful must have full faith in DeCosta to make the right decision.



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