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Aaron Rodgers Turns nose up to Collective Bargaining Agreement

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By J Andrews March 11, 2020 0 Comment
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The Collective Bargaining Agreement has been sent to the players who have until Saturday night to vote. Aaron Rodgers turns his nose to the proposal.

The NFL’s current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is on the verge of expiring upon the start of the league’s New Year. Unlike ten years ago, NFL owners were prepared with a proposal ready to be signed as of last week. The NFLPA’s executive committee turned down the initial vote to go to the majority of NFLPA players for a vote. As a result, The Proposed CBA was slightly modified and then voted on and passed. It is now ready to be voted upon by the majority of NFLPA reps to be either passed or denied.

The glaring issue with this proposed CBA is that the majority of these players represent smaller income players. Because of this, several high-profile players have stepped forward and spoken out against the passing of the said CBA proposal. Aaron Rodgers is among a group that has spoken out recently. On March 6th Rodgers was interviewed on ESPN’s radio show, Wildey and Tausch. He answered several questions and made several strong statements explaining why he was against the owners’ proposal.

17 Games Never were on the table for the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement!

 Rogers started off the interview boldly speaking against the 17 games proposed in the CBA:

“I’m not even sure there were players on the executive committee involved. So somehow from the meetings, where no one wanted 17 games. To negotiate 17 games got in there by the time I was involved, there weren’t any movement opportunities, on the owners for 17 games. That’s when I realized that we were definitely up against it, you know! There’s been a lot said about it, a lot has been posted about it !”

Rodgers continues:

“That was negotiated in quotations on our behalf, you know it was sold to us, 17 games was to pay for the benefits that the owners were giving up in a new part of the CBA. The tradition is 32 teams, 16 games. It just sounds right. I don’t understand how 16 games and maybe two bye weeks didn’t get in the mix? That to me seems like a fair compromise because you still gain 18 weeks of football but you’re not adding the extra stress. When we all realized in this meeting what the owners thought process was, we knew it had to be addressed.”

Money is not Enough

He goes on to talk about the money that is being thrown at the smaller income players and sold as a vast increase, by Ownership:

“You look at the deal, and the players get 47% the first year there are some ups in minimums. But I just feel like I finished you on my long tweet. When you know what your value is, you don’t settle for far less! I just feel like we haven’t negotiated based on our value, which is that we are the product on the field! There was a lot of fear involved in negotiations and in talking about what was negotiated in this proposal!”

Players should vote no to proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement

Rogers goes into further detail about other things in the CBA.  All of his points when you dig into the 450 + page document of the proposed CBA the owners of put on the table to be voted on. Owners smartly gave the majority of lower-tier players what is perceived to be a large increase now. It includes things like concessions on something that would cost players more money long term or post-career. Rodgers’ understanding of the financial situation and the importance of long-term financial health should not be overlooked by players.

Instead, his words should be a warning to these players, so they read into the proposed CBA and ask questions to understand further the long-term parameters of what this the deal entails, This decision will affect the next ten years of their lives.

Rogers is showing leadership and great insight into a situation that affects others far greater than himself, and we should. His colleagues should appreciate his efforts to put in to explain the pitfalls of this very owner-friendly CBA proposal!

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