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A 49ers Story Part 5- Lost Season

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By Anthony Esbensen November 8, 2020 0 Comment
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Going into the 2018 season, expectations were sky-high for San Francisco. But, could it be a lost season? Everyone thought this great franchise would return to their historic ways with Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo. However, the games still had to be played. Was Garoppolo worse than we thought? Was Shanahan really the coach that we thought at the end of last season? Even with all the hype, there were still questions to be answered.

The Games Begin

Week 1 was not a good start for the 49ers. They fall to the Vikings 24-16, and then hype starts to slow down, especially with Jimmy Garoppolo’s 3 interceptions and overall a 4 turnover game for the 49ers offense. Not to mention just 3 points in the first half for their offense. Next week, however, was a very efficient game for the 49ers and they walked away with a 30-27 victory over the Lions.

In week 3, this would be the last game of the season for Garoppolo as he would suffer a season-ending injury with a torn ACL. Terrible news for the 49ers and this would likely be a lost season for them. The starting Quarterback now would be C.J. Beathard.

After that injury against the Chiefs, the 49ers would go on to lose 5 straight bringing their record to 1-7.

Nick Mullens

Going into their Thursday Night Football matchup vs the 1-6 Oakland Raiders, C.J. Beathard would no longer be the starting Quarterback. Instead, it would be 2nd-year undrafted free-agent Nick Mullens. Mullens has been waiting for this moment his entire life and there wasn’t a better team to go up against. Mullens would play a really efficient and great game vs the Raiders. 16 for 22, 262 yards, and 3 touchdown passes in a complete beat down of the Jon Gruden Raiders.

Mullens showed in this game that he deserved the position for the season while Jimmy would be hurt. Overall to end this season Mullens would start the next half of the year and get them two more victories. Both in back to back games vs the Seahawks and Broncos. However, it just wasn’t meant to be this season as they would finish 4-12. Luckily though, next season they would get Garoppolo back and the season can get back on track for them, not to mention the high draft pick they would have.

The 49ers put in a good fight that year and had another off-season to get things perfect, maybe this season would be good for them.


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