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5 Free Agent Targets For The Ravens

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By ColbyGarbis March 9, 2020 0 Comment
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Free agent negotiation window is set to open up about a week from now, it would be a good time to go over some free agents the Ravens should target in this year’s class. The Ravens have some major needs this off season including wide receiver, defensive line, inside and outside linebacker.  Free agency does not officially begin until march 16th with that only being a 2 day negotiation window. During this time, teams are allowed to speak to free agents and talk about contracts. However, the free agents are not allowed to officially sign for teams until march 18th at midnight.

Derek Wolfe, Free Agent, Defensive End

Wolfe has never been the number 1 pass rusher on any of the Denver Bronco teams throughout the years However, he has had some very productive years rushing the passer. Having 7 sacks and coming off one of his best years in recent memory, and with him being a little bit older at years of age, this should entice the ravens to make a move on him. He should not command a huge deal making it more affordable for the Ravens.

Dante Fowler, Free Agent, Outside Linebacker

The 3rd overall pick of the 2015 NFL draft, Fowler finally finds himself in the free agent market coming off of his rookie contract. The Jaguars took a chance on him coming out of the draft because he came into the NFL injured and had missed most of his rookie season. Coming off another career year with 11.5 sacks and 58 total tackles in 2019, Fowler is prime to continue vast improvement on the field. He should command a hefty contract this spring but, with him only being 25, he might be too expensive for Baltimore.

Gerald McCoy, Free Agent, Defensive End/Defensive Tackle

This one is interesting because the Ravens had actually really liked McCoy last off season, going so far as to fly his family in to town for an official free agent visit. McCoy had been so dominate on a good Carolina front for so many years. When McCoy was shockingly released last off season, the Ravens did not waste any time showing their interest. Similarly this off season, McCoy is a free agent again the Ravens might very well be interested in giving him another shot. He would fit in perfectly with this defense lead by mastermind Don “wink” Martindale.

Emmanuel Sanders, Free Agent, Wide Receiver

Sanders, a veteran wide receiver with blazing speed. He may not be the type of wide receiver this offense needs to add. However, with that being said, wide receiver is still a major need. With there not being a lot of “big body” “win the 50/50” ball guys on the Ravens, Sanders could be that guy for Lamar Jackson. Why not add a veteran with great route running skills and with his quickness, putting Marquise Brown on the other side would really put defenses in a bind.

Joe Thuney, Free Agent, Guard

With the Ravens going into this offs eason not knowing the future of Hall of fame Guard Marshal Yanda and Matt skura being a restricted free agent, interior offensive line becomes a bigger need. Joe Thuney is one of the most under rated players in this years free agent class. Protecting Tom Brady is never easy and only being 27, that really plays well for Thuney. According to pro football focus he played the second most snaps out of all guards this past season and only allowed 1 sack. Thuney is a human shield that would allow Jackson to be even more dangerous in the back field should they need a guard.


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