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A San Francisco 49ers Story Part 3: Let The Games Begin

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By Anthony Esbensen October 24, 2020 0 Comment
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Going into the 2017 season, a lot of changes we made. First, it was the start of a whole new era then came the off-season. The 2017 49ers is where the future began to take shape.

Now the games begin in 2017 and a lot of questions were about starting QB Brian Hoyer. People wanted to know who the “franchise” Quarterback would be for the 49ers. However, this was apart of the plan, have Hoyer be the bridge QB for the year.

The Season Begins

The first 2 games did not start off well for the 49ers as they failed to score a touchdown in either game. Losing 23-3 against Carolina and 12-9 against Seattle. In spite of that, the Thursday night thriller against the Rams really showed Shanahan could coach. Losing by just 2 points in a near comeback against the Rams, scoring 19 points in the 4th quarter. The 49ers were playing with fight, and they may not be good right now but they made the right choice.

With all of that said, the season would get rougher. Hoyer was benched soon after this, and the team could not win. At 0-8 and a day after getting embarrassed by the Eagles, and CJ Bethard getting embarrassed, the 49ers make the biggest move of this entire rebuild.

Yes Jimmy G is now a 49er and it only cost a second-round pick. However, he was a free agent at the end of this season so there is going to be little time to find out who he is. Obviously, he would not start right away for them, he needed time to learn the playbook. But the 49ers took a very small risk in trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Jimmy Garoppolo era Begins

After the loss to Seattle, Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers felt it was time to unleash Jimmy Garoppolo and it could not have been any better.

The 49ers won 5 in a row with Garoppolo starting. Averaging over 400 yards a game and scoring over 28 points per game. That includes performances like 44 against the sacksonville defense. It was night and day for the 49ers and the one downside to that was draft position. After starting 1-10 they ended the season 6-10, obviously no playoff spot but a great sign for the first year of the Lynch and Shanahan era.

In conclusion, the 2017 season was more than what the 49ers hoped for. A season with a ton of light and a future. They found out that there was something to build around with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan and just knew that this team would be contenders very soon.


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