3 biggest AFC Surprises

  • Buffalo Bills
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Las Vegas Raiders
By Anthony Esbensen October 15, 2020 0 Comment
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Every year in the NFL there are a ton of surprising teams. A good example can be the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars who went from worst to first. Through the first 5 weeks of the season, there will be surprises. Today we look at the 3 biggest surprises in the AFC in no order.

1. Cleveland Browns

After a really disappointing 2019 lead by Head Coach Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey, the Browns once again chose to change things up. Luckily for them, a broken clock is right twice a day with the hiring’s of Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry. However, that wasn’t all, bringing in veteran offensive line coach Bill Callahan also really helps especially in an area that struggled the year before.

The Browns formula on offense really is emphasizing the run game, as they lead the NFL in rushing yards with 942. Doing this puts less pressure on Baker Mayfield, and gets the offensive line downhill.

However, the defense is a little surprised by how they are getting results. The Browns lead the league in takeaways and takeaways per game. They may be giving up the 3rd most yards and the 3rd most touchdowns, but they will strike and take the ball away.

2. Buffalo Bills

Going into the year we all knew the Bills would be competing for a division title. However, it is the way they are getting there that is surprising. The Bills last year were a great defensive team that just needed the offense to not lose them games. This year it’s a near-complete 180, as their offense has been winning games.

Josh Allen is taking the league by storm for the most part to begin this year and is leading a top 11 offense in the NFL. The defense on the other hand, not so much, being a below-average group to begin the year.

Another huge key to their offensive success has been the Stefon Diggs trade. Adding a number one wideout does so much for a team. It gives this offense more of a chance to make plays.

Credit both Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs for the rise of the Buffalo Bills offense in 2020.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden is grinding this team to victories so far this year and beating good teams. Last year the best record from a Raiders victory was the 8-8 Chicago Bears, this year all three wins have come from teams who currently have winning records.

In terms of points, the Raiders offense has taken a huge leap as they average over 30 points a game so far this year. Top 7 in the entire league at this point. Last year the Raiders were averaging just under 20 points per game, bottom 10 in the NFL.

The defense may still be bad but the Raiders offensive jump is helping them win games and Jon knows that. If the playoffs are the goal this year, the Raiders will make it with their offense.

In conclusion, these are the biggest surprises in the AFC , not just with their records but how they got here. Whether its coaching changes or big jumps on one side of the ball, these teams will be playing games in January.

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