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2020 NFL Free Agency Recap: Day Two Winners and Losers

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By Jordan Katz March 18, 2020 0 Comment
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Day two of the tampering period has come and gone. Who were the winners and losers from the second day of the NFL Free Agency Frenzy?

If you thought day one was crazy, day two of NFL Free Agency was equally as wild. Tom Brady announced he is leaving New England, multiple offensive linemen moved around, and Stefon Diggs was shipped to Buffalo late last night. So without further adieu, here are the winners and losers from the second day of Free Agency.

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Winners: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There is no way you can start this article without TB12 winding up in Tampa Bay. Multiple reports indicate Brady will sign a multiyear deal, worth 30 million dollars annually.

On the field, there is no question the Buccaneers become legitimate Super Bowl contenders. They have two monster receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Head Coach Bruce Arians is a phenomenal offensive mind. He will dial-up creative schemes and maximize the unprecedented offensive talent the Buccaneers will possess in 2020.

Their defense is also better than people realize. Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul combine for a legitimate pass rush. Devin White and Lavonte David are also game-changers at the second level of the defense. Tampa becomes a complete team if they can add a secondary piece or two in the draft.

Overall, Brady to Tampa Bay is a shake-up of epic proportions in the National Football League. The Buccaneers become immediate Super Bowl contenders the minute Brady signs that contract.

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Losers: The Houston Texans

It would be unfair to the Texans pathetic display of roster building not to include them in the “Losers,” category for the second day in a row. Bill O’Brien showed us all who runs the show when he traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals.

The problem is he showed everyone how to run a show into the ground properly. Reports were that Hopkins and O’Brien did not get along. Houston did not desire to pay ‘Nuke Hopkins, which led to the trade of the star receiver.

All of that is understandable, but it does not explain the obvious. HOW DO YOU NOT GET A FIRST ROUND PICK BACK FOR DEANDRE HOPKINS?! The Minnesota Vikings got a first-rounder plus for Stefon Diggs, and Diggs is a known locker room problem! The Texans even took a lousy contract in David Johnson, and still could not get a first-rounder. One of the worst trades in memory has to make an appearance, even though it did not technically happen today.

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Winners: The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings

Speaking of moves that did not technically happen today, the Vikings sent Stefon Diggs to Buffalo after our day one recap. Therefore, we include the deal in today’s recap. Quite a move after starting out quiet in day one of NFL Free Agency.

Both teams did a masterful job here. The Vikings managed to get a first-round pick for a guy they have had internal struggles with for a while. Diggs has been a locker room problem for a while in Minnesota, making a change of scenery a foregone conclusion. Minnesota can use the extra first-rounder to select his replacement from a loaded receiver group in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Buffalo made several quality depth moves on day two, but the headliner is trading for a true number one receiver. Stefon Diggs is a legitimate playmaker. He is an underrated route runner, and he has a strong catch radius. The Bills receiving core was quality in 2019, but now Josh Allen has a real number one target. Buffalo is a legitimate contender in the AFC

Yet another win-win trade in the NFL.

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Losers: The Carolina Panthers

Carolina signed Teddy Bridgewater, but that does not save them from winding up in the losers category. Bridgewater is not a game-changing quarterback. While he makes the Panthers better, it’s only marginally. Bridgewater has been a starter before, and he has shown that he is a modern-day game manager. Carolina may not be good enough to maximize Bridgewater’s capabilities.

The second issue is the way they handled Cam Netwon. Panthers fans have reacted negatively towards this situation for a while now. The Panthers organization has pushed Newton out the door because of his injury-plagued career in Carolina.

Netwon should have stayed one more season with the Panthers. If it had worked, the Panthers could have been back in the playoff hunt. A healthy, rejuvenated Cam Newton combined with multiple weapons in Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel, would have made for a dynamic offense.

Had it not worked, Newton could move on freely in 2021, and the Panthers could have been the lead team for Trevor Lawrence.

Overall, the Panthers got slightly better and angered their fan base in the process. They showed disrespect towards the leader of the franchise since Newton was selected in 2011. Not a great day in Charlotte.

Winners: The NFL Fans

Hey, you out there! Congratulations, you’re a winner! How great was today? Tom Brady has left the Patriots, and that means the rest of the NFL fan bases have optimism. The Patriots are no longer a lock to play in late January, early February every single year. Talk about a crazy day of NFL Free Agency.

It also means that your favorite team might play in the Super Bowl come February! The Buffalo Bills could win the AFC East. Multiple organizations that would not be in the AFC Playoff Picture are now right there. Each team is now truly a bounce or two away from having the opportunity to make a long playoff run.

As we were astutely told in the movie “Any Given Sunday,” “the inches we need are everywhere around us.” Every fan base in the NFL is now indeed crawling for that inch.

The 2020 NFL season is shaping up to be a wild ride. The biggest winner of today’s developments? The NFL Fans.

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Exempt From the List: The New England Patriots

Here is why the Patriots were not listed in the losers for the day. Who’s to say New England loses by Brady choosing to play his final years elsewhere?

They still have the greatest coach of all-time in Bill Belichick. New England still has an excellent defense, including All-Pro Cornerback Stephon Gilmore. The Patriots are also still in the “AFC East.” Miami got better, but they are not immediate contenders, and the New York Jets are well, you know.

Could Belichick get a veteran quarterback like Andy Dalton, or Nick Foles, and still make the playoffs? It’s entirely possible.

New England could also turn to the draft. What if the Patriots opted to rebuild for a year? There are no immediate entrants in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. What if Belichick’s endgame is drafting the greatest quarterback prospect we have ever seen?

The bottom line, you cannot immediately say the Patriots lost the day. The Evil Empire of the NFL has earned the benefit of the doubt.

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