2020 Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Preview

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By Sammy Bovitz August 26, 2020 0 Comment
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Let’s look at the 2020 Detroit Lions that could help your fantasy team, including D’Andre Swift, Kenny Golladay, and TJ Hockenson.

Going into the 2020 season, it’s well worth examining which Detroit Lions could help your fantasy team this year.


Matthew Stafford is a consistently reliable option as a fantasy quarterback. His cannon of an arm led to him passing for more than 4,000 yards and 28 touchdowns from 2011-2017. While 2018 wasn’t as strong and 2019, which looked to be a return to form, was cut short by injuries, you can’t go wrong with Stafford. This is especially if the quarterback isn’t a priority in a given fantasy league. Stafford has fallen hard in many drafts over the years and has consistently been a great later-round pickup. Brawl fantasy writer Dave Opperman acknowledged this, saying “Stafford, if healthy… ranks about 12-14 among starting QBs making him a low-end QB1.” Couldn’t agree more with him, as Stafford is a very solid option. This is especially with the weapons now at his disposal.

Running back

Kerryon Johnson is a safe bet off the bench or as a flex option, but the man to keep an eye on, as with everything Lions these days, is D’Andre Swift. He’s been compared to Alvin Kamara during camp and is one of the most exciting pieces on this offense. He’s obviously not a starting running back candidate, but, as Opperman acknowledged, “As a flex option he’s near the top of my list because of his pass-catching ability.” That ability makes him a versatile option for the flex spot in your lineup.

Wide receiver

While Marvin Jones and Danny Amendola could prove to be solid pickups, the real headliner here is Kenny Golladay. Opperman said that “Golladay is a top 10 WR… [and] with the potential emergency of Swift and a healthy Hockenson he could position himself for a 90+ catch season.” Even from an unbiased perspective, it can’t be denied that Golladay’s an elite option at wide receiver. Though he’s not quite on the level of a DeAndre Hopkins or Michael Thomas, he’s a young player who’s already challenging their numbers. Pencil him in as your starting wide receiver and don’t sweat it.

Tight end

TJ Hockenson and Jesse James are not as obvious of pickups as Stafford, Swift, Golladay, or even Marvin Jones. Opperman acknowledged that Jesse James could be an okay option if Hockenson goes down. That said, if Hockenson stays healthy, he could be a huge steal deep in the draft. Opperman advises targeting him after picking up your starter, and that makes sense, as he could have an injury-plagued year. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be targeted, as Hockenson’s name has been tossed around nearly as much as Swift’s. Take Hockenson later in the draft or stash James in the event that he goes down.

Defense/special teams

Don’t pick up the Lions defense. That’s pretty simple. They might be worth a look against a weak opponent if desperate, but only if one’s desperate. Opperman agrees, adding that after the Darius Slay trade they have a lot of work to do. If Jeff Okudah plays well enough that assessment could change, but fantasy players are better off targeting most other defenses.


Matt Prater’s solid if unspectacular. Not much more to say there.


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