Green Bay Packers: What To Do With Aaron Jones?

Green Bay Packers’ running back Aaron Jones could become an unrestricted free agent in less than two weeks. He will not last long on that market, as the Miami Dolphins have already hinted at being interested in Jones. Who wouldn’t…

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How can the San Francisco 49ers rebound vs New York Jets?

The San Francisco 49ers suffered a surprise loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week. How can they rebound against the lowly Jets? Both teams come into this game 0-1. With only 11 percent of teams making the playoffs after starting…

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Current NFL players who are Hall of Famers Part 3: PFHOG and Potentials

There are some players who had great careers, but just do not have enough to get in the Hall of Fame. Who are those current players? The “Pro Football Hall of Good” is made up of players who had a…

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