What’s Next For The New England Patriots?

New England Patriots fans are in new territory. After their 24-3 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, their team is extremely unlikely to win the AFC East. The last time they didn’t win the division was in 2008. This was…

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Newton-Less Patriots Flop Versus Chiefs

Newton-Less Patriots Flop Versus Chiefs Cam Newton, the New England Patriots star quarterback, tested positive for COVID-19 this weekend. That means the Patriots had to play the defending Super Bowl Champions Newton-less. This game was very taxing in terms of…

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New-look run game fuels Patriots’ season opener win

The New England Patriots defeated the Miami Dolphins in a 21-11 home opener. The Patriots’ new and improved run game was the key to this victory, totaling 217 yards on 42 carries. That is the most rushing attempts in a Patriots’…

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