Seven-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft (Post-Senior Bowl)

The Senior Bowl is over, which means we are in the thick of mock draft season. Nick Faber, co-host of Lions Brawl, put together the Brawl Network’s first seven-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft! Buckle up because the Brawl Network’s first…

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2020 NFL Mock Draft picks: 11-22

My last mock gave you all the first ten picks and one trade. This mock will cover picks eleven through twenty-two. I have a feeling some of you will be shocked about what I have in store. And with the…

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Texans 2020 Mock Draft

The Texans had a good run this year, and after leading the Chiefs in the Divisional round, they ended up getting knocked out in a heartbreaker. They have many young, talented pieces and should have a good shot at returning…

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