The Fix Is in, Eagles Edition

We had two weeks to prepare for the 2-7 Giants, who got both of those wins against Washington. Two weeks and the Eagles lost, 27-17. Let me tell you what Philadelphia needs. It’s a short answer, but not very simple….

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Philadelphia Eagles vs L.A. Rams: Three Storylines to Watch For

The Philadelphia Eagles want to forget Week one happened. Here are three storylines to watch for against the Los Angeles Rams in Week two. The Philadelphia Eagles were the joke of the NFL following their performance in Week one. They…

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Current NFL players who are Hall of Famers Part 3: PFHOG and Potentials

There are some players who had great careers, but just do not have enough to get in the Hall of Fame. Who are those current players? The “Pro Football Hall of Good” is made up of players who had a…

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