Is the Transfer Portal Free Agency for College Football Quarterbacks?

The Rise of the Transfer Portal Outside of the College Football Playoff, the transfer portal may be the most controversial topic in all of college football right now. Some people argue that the portal is ruining college football. Many players,…

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Why DeVonta Smith Deserves to Win the Heisman

After Alabama’s 52 – 46 victory over Florida in the SEC Championship, DeVonta Smith solidified his case for the Heisman Trophy. Smith continued his remarkable 2020 season against the Gators, recording 15 catches, 184 yards, and 2 touchdowns. In college…

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Joey Burrow: Afterthought to Heisman

It’s not often that somebody’s actual life turns out like it was written for a Hollywood movie. But that is exactly what is currently happening for Joseph Lee Burrow. Burrow was born into a football family. His father, Jimmy Burrow,…

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