About Us

A Network of
Unfiltered, Educated,
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The Brawl Network is founded on the principles of bringing your favorite teams news and opinions in an unfiltered, educated and entertaining facet. Many are tired of the main stream media’s bias, filtered, reiterative news. Most sports reporters in larger main stream are not fans of the teams they cover. While, some may feel in theory that is good to get unbiased takes. What actually becomes the result is negative bias, passionless articles and boring podcasts/radio.

The Brawl Network has Changed the game by reporting the same news as the main stream media, but with passion, in-depth knowledge of the actual team and in an entertaining way. We use our many connections to bring you behind the scenes information and perspectives, daily. Brawl is a way of life here, for our listeners and contributors. We hear all opinions, voices, ideas, thoughts and hot takes. They maybe challenged, but they are heard.

The Brawl Network is where your voice is heard and you can “Hear your voice”